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Microsoft to Unveil Windows 7

Tomorrow, October 22nd, is the big announcement for Microsoft – that is, that it will debut MS Windows 7 – the successor to Vista.

The operating system will be released in six separate editions. The versions PC users will see on shop shelves are the Home Premium and Professional editions. And, of course, MS will have corporate editions.

The word is that Windows 7 boots up more quickly than Vista, uses less resources and is designed to work on low-cost portable netbooks. Windows 7 also supports multi-touch interfaces, handwriting recognition, and its ability to work with multi-core processors has been improved.

And most interestingly, I’ve seen mention in the consumer media that Windows 7 supports users who are beginning to store their data on the cloud via the company’s Azure platform, which allows IT developers to build new applications housed on the internet, rather than on their own servers and computers.

I, like Microsoft, believe consumers and businesses will continue to flock to the cloud so that they can store far more of their data than they can on PCs, or, in the case of businesses, on internal servers.

Now, whether Windows 7 lives up to its promise as a new operating system is another question. I’ll start counting updates and debugs (sorry, Microsoft!).

Hovhannes Avoyan

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