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March statistics: 1000+ new customers and more

monitor.us got record number of customers in March, passing 1000 registration/month barrier. Last month 1057 new users get registered. monitor.us provides 30,000 sites availability and performance checks out of 3 monitoring locations in the US and Europe. In total the monitors are performing more than 4 million checks each day. If they do these checks sequentially and if a check takes 1 minute to run, then they would do 4 million checks in 8+ years instead of a day. All our user check results archived and are available as real time performance charts, as well as uptime/SLA (service-level agreement) monthly reports.

In March monitor.us sent 73681 email alerts and 4845 IM (instant messenger) alerts. monitor.us also starts sending weekly performance summary reports to its 9000 active contacts.

monitor.us currently provides 11 types of web service availability and performance checks. The majority (71%) of tests are http website checks. The distribution of tests by test types:

  1. http – 71%
  2. ping – 6%
  3. smtp – 5%
  4. https – 4%
  5. pop – 4%
  6. ftp – 3%
  7. dns – 3%
  8. tcp – 2%
  9. imap – 2%
  10. udp – 1%
  11. sip – 1%
Within the month of launching our downloadable Smart Agent was downloaded 500 times. The agent allows checking of internal web services and monitoring of computer resource utilization per process. You can have your own monitoring location in 5 minutes. Currently it is available only for Windows, although we are planning to launch the Linux version in April.
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