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Google Reinstated Our Adsense Account

More than two months ago Google has disabled our Adsense account due to “invalid click activity”. We appealed to them but were rejected at first time without receiving any explanation:

After receiving your response, we re-reviewed your account data thoroughly. We have reconfirmed that invalid clicks were generated on the ads on your site in violation of our Terms and Conditions and program policies…

We lost significant revenue opportunities and started a direct advertisement program. Recently, however, we received another email from them:

After thoroughly reviewing your AdSense account with the additional information you provided, we have decided to reinstate your account…

Good news for us and our community! In order to continue providing a high level of services with a source of income. We we be restarting Google Adsense on our site, although we will keep direct advertisement option available to our users.

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Hovhannes Avoyan

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