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Economic Crisis and Websites Downtime

An economic downturn forces companies to cut costs and reduce staff. It is a safe assumption that the stability of company websites and their uptime can be affected by these changes. Both enterprises and ISPs may see the effects of the reductions as well. It may be helpful to examine some data on this issue. At monitor.us we monitor more than 180,000 sites and we have calculated the aggregated uptime per month for around 70,000 of the websites we are monitoring. Here are the results for 2009:

  • January – 99.3069% uptime
  • March – 99.1947% uptime
  • April – 99.1103% uptime

As you can see, we have a steady decline in uptime – 0.1% each month. Given the number of sites we have 50,400 hours or 2100 days more downtime each month on a month-to-month basis. That seems excessive and we did not expect to see such a close correlation. We will keep monitoring these figures over the next few months and will keep you informed about the trend. Maybe we will find when the world economies start improving .

Hovhannes Avoyan

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