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Consumer Electronics Show Unveils Whiz Technology

apple ihipEvery year the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) descends on Las Vegas and the technology giants, as well as the excited start-ups, all show off their new products, the futuristic developments and tantalize the visitors with speeches of what is yet to come. Attendance this year will exceed 150,000  people from around the globe. All there to see “what is next” in the magical tech world. Below you can see a sampling of what they are ready to bring us as well as what they will be bringing soon.


As you wander through the miles and miles of the shows maze of displays and presentations you can quickly see that the focus and buzz in this years show is around; bigger and better TVs, Smart Watches, wearable technology,  mobile telephony changes, cameras, home appliance integration via phone apps and the development of deep relationships between tech companies and the auto industry. The mere quantity of technology toys will leave your head spinning let alone the imagination on display.


The Samsung smartwatch shown below interfaces with the BMW3i electric car in a clear demonstration of two CES trends: wearable technology as a growing desire by consumers and the strategic positioning of groups to form partnerships with car makers.


Samsung Smart watch










If sadly you don’t own a BMW3i electric car you can still jump on the smart watch bandwagon. One of the popular displays at the show is this Dutch-designed Burg smart watch. It is part of the industry’s push for smartphone alternatives and with prices starting at $149 and going up to $399 why not get one and make a Dick Tracy style call.


smart watch ces










Now, if you already have a watch you love but you are in the market for a new high tech car, you might want to check out the one below from Audi, with the coolest headlights around! Laser beams are the new “in” thing – possibly soon to be followed by warp speeds.












And if you want even more high tech and you have more money to burn, you definitely will want the new one from Lamborghini, the Veneno Roadster. It is definitely going to impress the neighbors and your fellow workers, and even has an audio system that promoter Monster Audio claims is as close to live music as being on stage.  But be prepared to plunk down some significant cash as the price is a very respectable $4,500,000.00.


mega bucks










One last automotive entry is sure to leave the Lamborghini in the dust, just in case your neighbor bought one of those. The Spark-Renault fully electric race car will be running this year in the first season of the Formula E series races and comes equipped with a 270 HP engine and the electronics were designed by McLaren. If you have to ask the price then for sure you can’t afford it.












Now that we have exhausted the auto tech input, there is still plenty to see at the show.  Everything from super HD TV’s that have 4 times the quality of last years HD stampede to huge TV’s and even curved TV’s that try to surround you.












And of course we have the lasted Google glass demo’s and even intel is getting into the “wearable technology push. Below is Brian Krzanichm , intel chief executive, displaying their new smart headset and earbud designs. In Brian’s keynote speech he threw the chip maker’s weight behind wearable technology and the ‘internet of things’.












And while most of the show is focused on new and exciting technology, there is also the innovation of “reduced price” technology strategies. In the Shenzhen section at International CES is a sign that boldly asks the question,  “What can you do with $60?”


tablet sign















Well at CES the answer is it can for sure buy you “2” tablets with 7″ screens and equipped with 4G/LTE, Android and bluetooth.  We should not be surprised that a tablet is now selling for a mere $35. Technology gets smart, faster and better and then the next step is “cheaper”.


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