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Common Sense Advise on Cloud Security

Lost in the hysteria and debate about cloud computing security is some common sense advice for adopting security measures.

Push the hysteria out of your mind.

The real issue is identifying the appropriate level of security for various types of data, says Tom Young, a partner and managing director for CIO services and infrastructure at the IT consulting firm TPI. For example, a lot of companies agree that very sensitive data should reside on in-house servers. On the other hand, there is a variety of information that companies routinely store that doesn’t require such strict security.

Young says that cloud security should be evaluated against the risks and liabilities involved – which, for many IT organizations, will mean implementing data governance policies that dictate where certain types of data are stored.

Analytics services that help companies identify trends in data offers another area of promise for cloud security. IBM’s Smart Analytics Cloud, which the company debuted last fall, is the perfect example of business intelligence software available via a cloud computing model.

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