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CIOs Eye Cloud, Virtualization Tools

Chief information honchos at companies are hot for cloud computing and virtualization in 2010, says a new report by Gartner.

In the study, Gartner asked CIOs to list their top technology priorities for 2010, and respondents ranked virtualization as their top area of focus. Next came cloud computing and web 2.0. That makes sense because Gartner researchers predicted that firms will invest more in hosted solutions this year and less in hardware – as budgets continue to shrink and be constrained.

And what are CIOs most concerned about? At the top of the list: business process improvement. The next biggest concern is reducing IT costs, according to the study.

I’m very happy to see that CIOs, the ones who hold the purse strings, are not just paying lip service to the cloud and virtualization. In fact, in a story I read elsewhere, Gartner has boldly predicted that one-fifth of all businesses will own absolutely no IT assets come 2012 – due to migration to cloud computing.

CIOs are getting more serious about incorporating cloud tools into their cost-saving strategies. Seems everyone wants a piece of the pie, as cloud computing and virtualization solutions continue to prove big money savers for companies, and more companies invest in the technologies.



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