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Benefits of the Cloud. What can it do for your Business?

When we last left The Cloud, our strange visitor from another planet, we learned that he has always been there, behind the scenes.  But recently he has taken off his disguise and is really coming forward to the aid of people, businesses and corporations all over the world.

But just what are The Cloud’s superpowers?


Faster than a speeding bullet!  

According to Gartner Research, Speed and Agility are at the very top of The Cloud’s superpowers.  A fellow reporter out of the UK even goes as far as describing Cloud as being able to “cheat the speed of light.”

There are many ways that The Cloud’s speed can come to the rescue of your business.  When you make the decision to use a cloud computing solution, you will quickly learn that they are easy to get up and running.  Because these services are delivered via a web browser, all the “heavy lifting” is done by the servers of the providing company.  While the actual speed will be affected by your internet connection, with cloud based solutions the real “computing” work is done externally, which can help to bring older computers “back to life.”


More powerful than a locomotive!

The performance power of a computer is not based just upon the speed which it can get things done – but HOW much it can get done.  In simple terms, this is determined by the amount of space available to complete “computing processes” (eg. RAM and Virtual Memory) and the amount of space available to store information (eg. internal hard drives and external storage devices).  It is in this area of storage capacity where our superhero truly excels.

One of the major advantages of cloud computing is that it offers virtually unlimited storage compared to what is available on your computer’s hard drive, in-house servers or external storage devices.   This not only expands the ability of a business to complete more complex computing processes, but it also allows them to store and maintain massive amounts of data.

Plus, when your information is stored in The Cloud, you have the Power of Real-Time Backup – preventing data loss.  The Cloud protects your information from human error (oops, who spilled the coffee on my laptop?), computer crashes, power outages, hardware failure, and even natural disasters like lightning and fire.  And, despite all the negative publicity, data kept safe by The Cloud is actually less prone to hacks and DDoS attacks because these “evil villains” don’t know the secret hiding places for your data (as compared to data that is stored on your computer and physical servers).

Able to leap tall buildings at a single bound!

When it comes to the budget of your business, The Cloud lets you do more for less.  You will save you money on storage and software updates because the server will do the job for you and because you won’t need to purchase physical storage to extend capacity and for mobility such as hard disks, CDs, USBs, etc.

When you use cloud-base solutions, there is no need to pay for expensive “one-size-fits-all” software programs.  Instead you can subscribe to just the services that are a best fit for your business – giving you the flexibility to pay just for what you need, when you need it.   On top of that, there are many cloud computing applications that are available to your free of charge.  Talk about a true Super Hero!

Monitoring with Monitor.Us

Cloud, who can change the course of Mighty Projects…

When you have The Cloud on your team, you have an efficient and streamlined method for working on group projects.   Cloud-based file sharing programs allow team members to easily exchange and sync information while they work, making collaboration a breeze.  Gone are the days of waiting for documents to be delivered, reviewed and sent back.  Cloud based solutions also help to increase productivity – allowing you to get more done in less time.

In addition to file sharing, there are many cloud-based project and business management solutions available that can help you from start to finish – simplifying things like scheduling, assignment and organization of tasks, record keeping, billing, budgeting and much more.


Bend time in his bare hands…

As a business owner, it often seems like there is never enough time to get things done, but withCloud by your side, it will feel like you have the ability to be in two places at once.   Cloud-based solutions enable you to access your files and data from any where, at any time (as long as there is an internet connection).  This remote accessibility gives you the ability to share files and work collaboratively with almost instantaneous synchronization.

Leave your laptop at work?  Forgot one last thing that needed to be done before you board the plane for Tahiti?  Not to worry.  The Cloud is platform and device independent – making it possible for you to pick up right where you left on any other computer or mobile device.   And while you are enjoying your vacation, you can still be check in on the work that is getting done in your absence.  Even if you are on a white sand beach sipping a pina colada (drink umbrella is optional).


And who, disguised as App, mild-mannered program within a great Virtualized Network, fights a never ending battle for truth, justice, and the Internet Way.”


The Cloud is doing its part to help save the world by taking his rightful place along side another great super hero, Green IT.  The Cloud is working hard to make sure that he offers solutions that are better for the environment.   According to the SmartData Collective:

 “Many recent studies show cloud computing is an eco-friendly and cost-efficient option for businesses looking to save on IT expenses. Green IT, or green cloud computing, is getting more attention with recent studies reporting greater carbon efficiency, increased cost savings and improved operations efficiency.


But it’s not just on the Global Horizon and in Big Companies where The Cloud is making a difference for the environment.  He comes to the aid of all businesses, no matter what the size!  Here’s just a few ways he can help…

  • Cloud-based storage options and computing software help to lower the amount of “tangible” products that need to be purchased – physical storage space, servers, software programs on disk, etc – all of which ultimately end up in landfills when they are no longer “up to date.”
  • Businesses who use cloud based solutions can experience a reduction of power usage because most of the “computing” is done on company servers.
  • Cloud-based options help reduce the amount of physical printing that needs to be done – not only saving trees, but saving money too.


If you are seriously interested in learning about Cloud Computing, you may want to attend the annual Cloud Computing Expo.

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