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5 Reasons Why Businesses Must “Pin It”

Pinterest wasn’t one that charmed social media aficionados overnight. It was launched in March 2010 and only skyrocketed as one of the top 10 social networking services last December 2011.


If you run a business but still fail to see just how Pinterest is an online necessity, then you’re in the right place. Below you’ll find the reasons why your business needs to already “pin it”. Without it, you’re already losing a lot of profit-earning opportunities so you may want to take note.


1. It is now the 3rd most popular social networking site.

Facebook is still number one and Twitter continues to hold its silver medal. But as of April 2012, Pinterest managed to boot out LinkedIn and take the bronze. Now there’s no telling just how much Pinterest can do to take the gold medal.


If you do not have a Pinterest account, you are missing out on the 17 Million active users and its 104 Million unique visitors. It’s a big gap of your target market and the only way you can fill it is for you penetrate this online pin board phenomena.


2. It shows, not tells.

Unlike Facebook and Twitter which rely heavily on text, Pinterest takes its liking mainly on visuals— which speaks a lot louder than words. People fancy visuals and are more keen to share them, that’s why your business needs to get started on uploading inspiring visuals related to your industry.


Those who will take interest on your pin board are more likely to patronize your business. You may not be posting visuals that directly brand your business but these pose as online inspirations to people who would want to learn more on what you can offer.


3. It is an effective drive-to-site.

When you post something on Pinterest, the source is credited. Once other users decide to pin it on their boards, the original source can still be linked back to. This is a pretty swell idea to drive people to your website (not to mention a great link juice flow) without hard selling your business.


4. It builds a good reputation.

The people in Pinterest have taste. If many appreciates your pin board, then it also means your business has taste— and we all know how that can build a very good reputation. A good reputation of course, is one thing you need to be trusted, patronized and recommended as a brand leader.


5. It keeps you inspired.

The beauty of Pinterest is that it keeps you inspired. In any business, one needs to be constantly motivated to make things bigger and better. One should always be in need of fresh ideas or a different way to look at things. That’s exactly what Pinterest can do for you and your business.


Indeed Pinterest is one social media platform that’s here to stay. Considering it anchors on visuals as well as a quick and easy share experience, your business has just found one of the best ways to earn more sales and gain better profits.




Samantha Nicole Samonte is a Content Specialist for Webcada, a Web Design  company in Singapore. She spends the rest of her time guest-blogging for various websites.


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