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Want Free SMS from Paid Monitor or monitor.us? Use Twitter!

Twitter is a so-called “micro-blogging” site that many people use to exchange messages with their friends, but Twitter can also be used for business. You can now get Twitter notifications for Paid Monitor and monitor.us monitoring services. Follow Paid Monitor Twitter page; add your Twitter account to the contacts for Paid Monitor and/or monitor.us, and you will be able to get free Paid Monitor alert notification notifications through your Twitter account (make sure you added your phone number to your Twitter account).

Remember: Twitter sends texts to US mobile phone numbers only. Also bear in mind that it won’t guarantee delivery for messages; and due to recent outages on Twitter, we suggest using Paid Monitor’s SMS notifications, or both for business critical applications. Also, using these rules, you may establish rules when it transmits the first notification to Twitter, and on the next subsequent NOK, use Paid Monitor direct SMS notification. Thus, you might save SMS in the event of short term outages but still see guaranteed deliveries in the event of continuing problems. You’ll also obtain Paid Monitor pre-announcements via Twitter long before we send out press releases to the public.

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