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Too busy to go premium? Our New Upgrade Wizard will do it for you

Written by Hovhannes Avoyan

  • RSS Feed is our 100% free website and server monitoring service. It is unique among similar services in that it imposes no cap on the number of URL’s monitored. As a result, we have some users monitoring hundreds, even thousands of URL’s from one account, for free, forever. That’s great, but what if you want to upgrade to our premium service, ? Until now, you had to set everything up from scratch, but we’ve decided to make it extremely easy with a new Upgrade Wizard. It walks you through easy steps that allow you to select the monitors you’d like to keep and/or add in your upgraded account.

The first step lets you select the external monitors you’d like to keep and specify how many additional ones you’ll need and their frequency. The monthly and annual price is reflected at the bottom of each step. The next 2 steps allow you to add fullpage, transaction, internal and cloud monitors to your account. The last step lets you select API access, specify your SMS alert needs and select a payment method and Bam, proceed to checkout.

The Wizard has been active for a day and we’ve received great feedback so far. I think the step-by-step approach is a huge improvement in User Experience over the previous Upgrade form, which showed a bunch of stuff in one window. If you have upgraded from to Paid Monitor and have any thoughts on our upgrade process please comment.

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