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This Week in JavaScript Performance

This Week in JavaScript Performance summarizes recent web postings related to JavaScript performance. Watch for it at the beginning of each week.

SaaS PerformanceTools and APIs

Author: DanDeFelippi.   Publisher: SlideShare.This slideshow is a short review of several tools we can use to monitor and improve website performance. Its main drawback is that it doesn’t mention the popular free services available at monitor.us.

008 JSJ V8 and Dart with Lars Bak and Kasper Lund

Speakers: Lars Bak, Kasper Lund, AJ O’Neal, Charles Max Wood, Joachim Larsen (g+ github website).   Publisher: JavaScript Jabber.This audio-only podcast is a 48 minute panel discussion about many JavaScript topics, including some performance topics: Dart, V8, Virtual Machines, JIT, adaptive compiler, node.js, mobile considerations, Strict mode, the “with” statement, deleting a property, Maintaining big JavaScript applications, closure, Startup time, Dart to Javascript translator, Is Google anti-JavaScript, Dart vs CoffeeScript, non-local return, VM’s targeting the native language, Go-lang.

A re-introduction to JavaScript

Author: Simon Willison.   Publisher: Mozilla.org.This article is an update to a JavaScript guide that covers the fundamentals of the ECMAScript language (which many refer to as JavaScript). It is chock-full of short code snippets to demonstrate its points. This, followed by the more extensive JavaScript Guide from Mozilla is a good starting point for people new to the language. Topics: data types, variables, operators, control structures, objects, arrays, functions, inner functions, closures.

Essential JavaScript Design Patterns, Volume 1.5.1

Author: Addy Osmani.   Publisher: Addy Osmani.This extensive article is an update of a previous publication. It introduces the design patterns concept as it applies to JavaScript, and introduces a number of basic design patterns. A good understanding of JavaScript is assumed. There is also a section devoted to jQuery design patterns. The reference list at the bottom is useful if you’re looking for more information.

How to write low garbage real-time Javascript

Author: Ashley Gullen.   Publisher: scirra.com.This short, but insightful, article describes how JavaScript’s garbage collection can interrupt program execution, especially in an animated web page. It identifies coding practices that create garbage (allocated memory that is no longer used) and presents some coding techniques that will help.

jsPerf JavaScript Performance Playground

Author: contributors.   Publisher: Mathias Bynens.Here are some of this week’s JavaScript tests/measurements:

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