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Raspberry Pi’s 10 Best Hacks

hacked6Raspberry Pi, the much-sought-after, credit-card-sized, less-than-$30 tiny computer has challenged both kids and adults to write code and build everything from alarm clocks to computers. The latest estimates show over a million people have purchased this new phenomenon, and sales show no signs of slowing down. According to, the Pi is basically a Linux PC which has been stripped down and given a tiny circuit board, an ARM-based CPU, several pins and ports, and a graphics processor. From this, millions of people have formed their own creations, and are anxious to show them off. Here are 10 of the best ones. Read more…

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What metrics does Monitor.Us monitor and why should you care?

monitorus - CopyIf you are an IT administrator, then this article is for you. In this part 1 of the Monitor.Us Metrics series, we are going to look at what Monitor.Us is, and why you should care. Monitor.Us is a free web based IT monitoring tool, owned by GFI Software. They also have a paid version known as Paid Monitor. GFI’s software is currently being used by institutions like Harvard and Princeton to monitor their web applications, all from the comfort of a browser. However, today, we are principally going to talk about Monitor.Us, GFI’s free IT monitoring tool. Read more…

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Windows Server 2012 Security Enhancements

windows-server-2012-logo11Microsoft has been putting in more and more effort to secure their systems in the time since the old Windows NT days. In this article we will focus on the new advanced features that they have introduced in their latest version – Windows Server 2012.


Dynamic Access Control

Dynamic Access Control is a new feature designed to help you control and audit wanted and unwanted access to your network shares. When any sensitive information on your file server needs a special kind of protection, you can easily tag it.  Read more…

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The magic behind the CSS 3 (part 1)

imagesCSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets; it’s a presentational language used to separate formatting and appearance of elements from the content specified in the mark up, like HTML.  Style sheets have been in use in one form or another since the dawn of the web, but in the past ten years CSS has seen major improvements in browser support, advancement of features and widespread usage.  Chances are you already know this, so let’s take a look at the latest new features offered in CSS3. Read more…

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Five of the Weirdest Programming Languages

programming languagesLet’s face it. Not all of us can be hardcore programmers who have mastered every programming language. As a matter of fact, it is very likely that very few people can actually boast of such an accomplishment. The reason behind this is quite simple; there are so many strange and mostly unknown programming languages out there that many of the toughest programmers have no clue what they are. Let’s take a look at some of the weirdest programming languages today. Read more…

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