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Paid Monitor Improves Systems Visibility and Performance with Top 10 Service

New Module Enables Quick Performance Outlook for Enterprise IT

San Jose, CA – Jan 27, 2009 – Monits, a leader in on-demand systems management software, today announced Top 10 service, a new module in the Paid Monitor Systems Monitoring Platform Montis 10 top will be available to all current users of Paid Monitor at no extra cost starting today.
Systems engineers continually face the challenge of maintaining performance and availability of enterprise-class infrastructure without sufficient knowledge of which processes and which applications are consuming most resources and without adequate visibility into anomalous patterns of resource utilization.  Without a holistic view, network and systems engineers cannot quickly diagnose or prevent problems or properly match IT infrastructure capacity to business needs.

Paid Monitor Top 10 uniquely addresses the challenge by providing rich analysis and visibility into enterprise performance data. The new information views aggregate data from all monitors and outline the worse processes and nodes which need immediate attention.  A unified dashboard provides system and network administrators with point-and-click access to comprehensive charts and detailed reports that deliver a clear portrait of the overall systems status, thereby increasing their ability to enhance the performance and availability of the IT infrastructure.
“Our goal is to allow manage the growing complexity of modern day systems faster and with fewer resources available. The Top 10 module should find a welcome audience among many IT buyers,” said Hovhannes Avoyan, CEO of Paid Monitor.  “This feature combined with our software as a service approach makes our software easy to use, effective and more affordable for network and system engineers than some of the competition systems.” Paid Monitor managed services starts from $9.98 per month and users can subscribe online and start using the software within minutes.

About Paid Monitor Performance Monitor

Paid Monitor is a comprehensive Web-based fault, user experience and performance management platform that allows users to view the real-time metrics and availability of their applications and networks from any Web browser. Paid Monitor monitors, collects and analyzes data from websites, servers, routers, switches, VoIP devices, DNS, databases, processes and any other IP devices providing users with a comprehensive view of their systems’ health. In addition, it allows users to extend Paid Monitor powerful monitoring and management capabilities using Paid Monitor API and agent toolkit.  Users benefits from Paid Monitor mutli-national monitoring network for external monitoring websites, IP telephony, telepresence, VPN, and firewall availability and speed from multiple countries.

About Paid Monitor

Paid Monitor is a leading provider of cross-platform systems management and monitoring software. More than 30,000 customers spanning the small businesses, Fortune 500 companies, government agencies and education institutions have chosen Paid Monitor to reduce application and network downtime, and improve engineering staff efficiency. Paid Monitor has developed and brought to market innovative solutions that address the needs of IT engineers from performance management to fault monitoring. For more information, please visit https://www.monitor.us

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Hovhannes Avoyan

About Hovhannes Avoyan

Paid Monitor CEO – Hovhannes is an international entrepreneur with a recognized and respected reputation in the high tech industry. His technical expertise, combined with his drive to build the best business/product, has positioned him as a visionary international extension of Silicon Valley.

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