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Paid Monitor’ 5 easy steps for delivering the ultimate web user experience. Step 1: Response & Availability

The web is evolving rapidly. Customer expectations are changing and expanding in step with this evolution. We believe that in order to provide the ultimate customer experience site owners, business and IT managers, webmasters, sales, operations and customer support personnel must have data about website performance in order to know if they have a problem and to quantify the size of that problem. Paid Monitoringprovides 5 steps easy process to deliver the ultimate web user experience.

Step1 – External Availability and Response Monitoring. End user web experience directly depends on web page response speed and availability of a website. Poor web experience means lost customers, credibility and revenue. It is a result of slow response or outage, which may be influenced by several independent factors like network connection, hardware failure, wrong systems design, programming language, web traffic, database performance, operational system setup, VPNs, gateways and other components performance.

The first thing you must know if you indeed have a problem delivering your web content to your end user. Paid Monitoringallows start checking Availability and Response within 5 min. Everyone can do it! All you need is to enter your site URL or IP address:

For example, bellow are real one day Amazon and EBay web servers data charts. It is explicit that Amazon response time noticeably slower than EBay’s one. Although not yet critical, it is somehow close to yellow border. And if even Amazon have some speed issue, it is very likely to be your website problem:


The video bellow explains the step in more details.

In the next post we will explain the Step 2 – Web Visitor’s tracking. Stay tuned!

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