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How to activate notifications by SMS

Written by Mikayel Vardanyan

In case you have no contacts added yet, go to Menu Tree->Add contact item. You will be presented with the following form
Add Contact
Mobile Phone field here is disabled, which means you should purchase SMS credits before you add your mobile phone number. By clicking on the “Buy SMS” link, you will be presented with the following view:
You can see your current balance here and also can order additional SMS credits. After filling the amount you’re willing to order (minimum of 20) in Total Price field, you will see the total amount of purchase. Confirm your order by clicking on the Order button and you will be redirected to PayPal for completing the last steps of your purchase. Your SMS account will be credited accordingly.
After the purchase is finished, the Mobile Phone field will be enabled so you can input your mobile phone number by adding ‘new contact’ from the Menu Tree or directly from the Contact module on your dashboard. After adding the Mobile phone number, a confirmation SMS will be sent to your mobile with a randomly generated confirmation number. To activate your SMS notifications you should go to the ‘Contact’ module on your dashboard and click on corresponding contact (it will be highlighted) and click on the edit icon at the header of Contact module as it is shown in the following screen:
Please enter the received number in the verification code field and click the ‘Save’ button. You’re finished now with activation of your SMS notifications. Future edits to the same account Verif.code field will not be available.

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