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Great collaboration technologies you can use today – part 2

collalorationWelcome back! As discussed in the first installment of this series collaboration is a crucial element for any business to succeed. You can have all the shiny objects – the cool technology, the great architecture, the second-to-none leadership team – but unless you’re collaborating effectively the organization will not, nay cannot, succeed in today’s competitive workforce. But to keep things in perspective, getting everybody on the same page, assigning tasks, following-up on pending items, and ensuring that everyone is in lock-step, is something that all companies struggle with at times.


The confluence of social, mobile, and cloud technologies in recent years has created previously unthinkable ways for teams to collaborate together to achieve common goals. At the same time, the plethora of tools out on the market today sometimes makes the process of choosing effective collaboration tools particularly challenging. This series aims to showcase tools that are on the cutting edge of the latest advances in social, mobile, and cloud technologies, which small businesses can use to create more agile, streamlined processes for internal and external collaboration.




Cloud hosted document storage and sharing solutions are simply a must-have in today’s digital economy. Enabling employees to seamlessly upload and retrieve their spreadsheets, business documents, and other artifacts in a safe and secure environment cannot be overestimated.


Box is a company that has set itself apart in recent years as a major player in the cloud file sharing space. Founded in 2005, this platform provides ready solutions for sharing, collaborating, and working on files through 4 primary plans: Enterprise, Business, Starter, and Personal.


The Personal account option allows storage and access of files online – anywhere, anytime, on any device: desktop, laptop, iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets, and files can be shared easily and efficiently by sending a link. Those who sign up for the free Personal account get 10 GB of free storage. The price goes to $10/month for 100GB.


The Starter option provides a shared workspace for any project or team ranging in size from 1 to 10 members. The plan offers 100GB of online storage and prices out at only $5/user/month.


Box offers a strong suite of tools and services through its Business and Enterprise accounts. The company leverages itself as an alternative to the “FTP Drain” by providing efficient and secure file sharing among internal and external clients and vendors. The opportunity to consolidate all content into one location in the cloud means that IT operations can happen in real-time and in a streamlined fashion.






Box can also easily connect to the leading SaaS applications you already use such as Salesforce, NetSuite and Google Apps, or integrate it into your IT infrastructure or custom build apps powered by Box to whatever your business needs. Additional features such as mobile content management on any device, extensive project and document collaboration, and a virtual data room make Box an appealing choice for any organization.


Box is also one of the standards on the cloud file sharing market for its enterprise-grade security. The platform is well-funded and has enjoyed a great ride over the past couple of years, making it a top choice to keep in your collaboration toolkit.






For those business leaders who are exploring cloud technologies, providing your employees with access to file sharing is a simple and low maintenance way to enter the market and become known across the enterprise as an innovative and value-driven thinker.


Join us again in Part 3 as we continue to explore collaboration tools that can make a real difference across your organization – and which you can start using today!


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