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Essential Startup Marketing Tools (part 2)

free web design toolsList of 20 must-use marketing tools for every startup

Startup marketing isn’t an easy job and it’s quite different from marketing for established and big businesses. Startups have limited resources: time, money, and people. Often, because of cost optimization, startups have to market their business by using free marketing tools – or they won’t have the opportunity to popularize it at all. Luckily, there are a lot of free tools out there, but investing your time means that at the end you’re still looking for results and ROI. We’ve been through a list of 10 important tools for every startup’s marketing in Essential Startup Marketing Tools (part 1); here’s the second half of the list.


11.       Google Alerts


Google Alerts emails updates to you with the latest relevant Google results for a query or topic that you have chosen. This way you can track what is being said about your business, keep track of your competitors and better understand your traffic sources. It’s free and can also be used as an instrument to find opportunities in your market.


12.       Bit.ly


If you’re planning to use social media marketing, it’s necessary to use a URL shortener and I strongly recommend bit.ly. It’s free, with a user friendly interface, and it gives you statistics about your shortened links. You can track which content gets the most interest and clicks. Read more about URL shortening services.


13.       Google URL Builder


If you want to get more information about your online activities, their effectiveness and results, Google URL builder will help you. In Google Analytics, the data about traffic sources is not always 100% reliable, because some people block their browsers from providing information about their surfing. With the builder you can capture that data too, and track which of your online campaign or activities generates more traffic for you. The tool is simple and free to use.


14.       Pixlr


You’re not a Photoshop expert or maybe you don’t even have it installed on your computer? But for your startup marketing you will definitely need to edit some photos – colors, sizes, effects, etc. Pixlr will be of great use to you, since Paint, for example,  doesn’t have all the needed functionality. Pixlr is free to use and has a great mobile device application.


15.       Verify


Having a startup business, you might be wondering what design to choose for your website, online shop, Facebook application, etc. Deciding it internally is okay, but having an external neutral opinion is always better. Verify will help you here – you can upload a landing page, e-mail, banner and then ask users to choose between two designs. You’ll get fast feedback. The app is paid, but you can choose between different plans according to your needs.


16.       Keyword tool


For your SEO optimization and Google AdWords campaigns you need to have a keyword list. This list will help you to write more useful content that will drive more customers to your website. Your AdWords campaigns will be more effective and in the end you’ll get more conversions. Google Keyword tool is a great helper in creating your keyword list; I’ll also recommend using the Ubersuggest tool. Both are free. Read more about selecting the best keywords.


17.       Google AdWords


Even if you’re not planning to invest any money for advertising in the beginning, consider it again. AdWords is a great lead generator and especially if you’re having an e-shop, you can’t afford to miss this opportunity to get new customers to your website. Learn how to create a cost-effective and sales-generating keywords list.


18.       SEOMoz


SEOMoz is a great tool for any online marketer. It’s easy-to-use and gives a lot of information about your SEO, social media presence and keyword traffic. Unlike Google analytics it’s more about your social marketing, so it’ll help you increase the results from your social media channels and SEO. SEOMoz is a paid instrument, but definitely worth the investment.


19.       Social networks and Facebook Ads


As a startup you want to get as many results from free marketing as you can. So social networks will definitely be one of your instruments to generate leads and get customers. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Foursquare, Pinterest, Instagram and many more – choose the ones that are suitable for your business, and that are used by your target audience. Invest some of your budget in Facebook ads to engage your friends and build a bigger audience. Learn how from our Practical guide for Facebook ads.


20.   Hootsuite


Social media marketing is essential for startups, but you can’t monitor everything that’s mentioned about you with Google Alerts. You’ll need a social media management and monitoring tool, especially helpful for Twitter. With Hootsuite you can manage multiple social network profiles and schedule your posts and tweets. Hootsuite is free to use for 5 social media profiles.


Do you think there is some other type of marketing instrument that every startup business definitely must use? Share your thoughts and let’s expand this list.


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