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Why is Copy better than Dropbox?

monitorus - CopyDo you think Dropbox is the best file hosting service around? It might be, but that party may be over soon!  Copy, by Barracuda Networks, was released very recently and the new file hosting service has already had a lot of press.  Let’s talk a bit more about why Copy is better than Dropbox. Get ready for massive Gigabytes!


Copy has 3 cloud storage plans as stated below:


  1. Free Plan: You start off with 15 GB of free storage. Dropbox only gives you 5 GB. Additional GB free when you use the brilliant referral program.
  2. Pro 250: $99/year and you get 250 GB. Dropbox gives you only 100 GB.
  3. Copy for Companies: introduces an industry changing no per-user-fee approach and plans starting at $399.99USD/year for 100GB.


So you might be wondering which one is cheaper? You got it right. Copy! It is very many times cheaper than Dropbox and you get the same features too. You will be saving tons of money if you go here.


Copy is supported on multiple platforms such as MacOS, Linux, Windows, Android and iOS. The user interface is very friendly and slick, which makes the whole experience seamless. If you are a developer, you also get access to a Copy API that lets you create really cool applications.


What’s the big deal about Copy right now?


The big deal about Copy right now is so worth mentioning –  It’s their “referral program”. Once you sign up for Copy, you get a free 15 GB cloud storage right out of the box. If you signed up by clicking on a friend’s referral link, you and your friend BOTH get 5 GB each. This is awesome because it rewards both the signee and the person who shared the link.


Now, to start you off with 20 GB free cloud storage, you can click here to sign up. Note that you can also get 2 GB more by sending off a free tweet. An illustration of how great the referral program is shown by an Israeli Web Developer who got her referral link so much exposure she’s already at 0.5 TB (yes, Tera Bytes) of Free for life cloud storage. Lucky her!


Is Copy secure?


Copy is as secure as any other cloud storage provider out there. You can be absolutely sure your files are encrypted with the latest security technologies. Barracuda Networks, the makers of Copy, have been in the web and software security business for nearly two decades, so that in itself gives a lot of credibility to Copy as a product.


To sign up for Copy and get your free 20 GB click the link below:





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  • Dag

    Use this referral code for an extra 5 gigabyte on
    Will help me get an extra 5 gigabyte as well, so it will be much appreciated.

  • Coen Dekker

    Use this referral code for an extra 5 gigabyte on

    Will help me get an extra 5 gigabyte as well, so it will be much appreciated.

  • Dan-Inge Flobergseter
  • David Nash

    I’ve been using Copy on iPhone, iPad and Macbook Pro for 2 months now and all are working perfectly. It’s a quality product well supported. Much better value than the competition and if you sign up through the following referral link then you get an extra 5Gb free (20Gb instead of the normal 15Gb)

  • Wolf

    For 25 gb from the start:

    [15 gb default + 5 gb for using my referral link + 5 more if you register with a .edu email address]

  • Alejandro

    What about speed? One of the biggest advantages of Dropbox is its uploading/downloading speed and that is the main reason I almost don´t use my account

  • nei aberau

    stupid system, the registration just removed my entire post

  • nei aberau

    thats why this is no only the short version, some addtional points to aboves post:
    – selective sync is better, as you can choose wether to keep or remove local content
    – icon overlays are better controllaple (thanks for the low limit, MS)
    – simple migration with built in app

    -on my location, it seems the upload ist capped at 2mbit (not the download),
    – the web interace for me, is not that user friendly, when you want to access previous

    I still vote for copy, just migrated:

  • Peter Brown

    Great Online Storage solution

    Sign up for cloud storage and get 20GB FREE

    Many thanks

  • Peter Brown


    20GB FREE storage with the following link


  • Noyb

    Copy does not version. You guys better check your files as I can change mine as much as I want but unless I change the name of the file on save, the old one is the only one that shows up on other computers/devices. Probably an issue with their systems but so far, after 2 months, I find Copy utterly useless.

    Wow, free space for a broken product. That’s value???

  • Cadence-Josephine Vanessa Have

    My husband had (well, has for now) Copy. Useless service. OAuth errors up the wazoo, can’t hardly login, so he’s closed his account.

    I recommended Sorry, but he and I have it and we rely on it. Box hadn’t let us down


    sudo mv /dev/null

  • Wolf

    For 25 gb from the start:

    [15 gb default + 5 gb for using my referral link + 5 more if you register with a .edu email address]