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Top 8 ways to ensure job security in the digital workforce

Over the past 7 years or so convergence technologies like mobile, cloud, and Big Data have changed the way products and services are planned, developed, and produced within organizations. Development cycles are now faster, leaner, and more agile than ever. Customer expectations continue to go through the roof. The consumerization of IT and the spread… Read the full post

Top 7 tips for improving customer satisfaction

More than at any point in history, we’re living in the “age of the customer” and engaging them depends heavily on the right use of technology. If you don’t believe it, just try putting up a minimalist and spotty website and see how long your business survives. Customers are vital to your organization; these are… Read the full post

Top 5 ways to learn code online

The explosion in SMAC technologies (social, mobile, analytic, and cloud) in recent years has created unprecedented opportunities for those who can code. Indeed, programmers are the gatekeepers who are on the frontlines of the most momentous technological transformation in our history. Those who can code the mobile apps, the games, or the automation software of… Read the full post

Top 5 benefits of containerization

What we often call the “consumerization of IT” (itself a product of major growth in mobile and cloud technologies) has led to the rapid infusion of BYOD across enterprises over the past several years. The upshot is that how we do business is completely different today than a mere 5 years ago; work now is… Read the full post

Is your organization leveraging advanced analytics?

We’ve heard a lot about Big Data over the past several years. It’s been one of the biggest topics in IT and practically every enterprise has been clamoring to get onboard the Big Data train. Now that some of the hype has died down and been replaced by the Internet of Things, organizations are stepping… Read the full post

Top 5 CRM platforms for the small business

Thanks to the power of social media, customers are better connected, better informed, and their opinions carry more weight than any other time in history. Whether a forum on diabetes, a travel site offering the latest hotel reviews, or the pros and cons of the latest iPad, companies of all sizes can now leverage the… Read the full post

DevOps is going strong, is your organization onboard?

We’re living in exciting but demanding technological times. Big Data, Internet of Things, Apple Watch, ubiquitous computing, smart machines, robotics, and home automation . . . things that were the talk of science fiction only a few short years ago are on every CIOs wish list today. But to the point, the revolution in technology… Read the full post

Top 7 security risks that small businesses should know about

In the good old days, before cyber-security became a real problem on the scale we’ve seen recently, having the anonymity of a small business was an advantage. Cyber-criminals had bigger fish to fry so to speak. And we’ve seen the results. 2014 was a brutal year no matter how you look at it; big name… Read the full post