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Avoid Online Shop Downtime During the Holidays by Saving 60% on Paid Monitor e-Commerce Monitoring

San Jose, CA – Oct 29, 2009 – Paid Monitor, the leading provider of 100% Cloud-based network and systems monitoring solutions, today announced a major holiday discount of 60% on Paid Monitor e-Commerce Monitoring, it’s industry-leading suite of website monitoring tools for online shops.

According to Hovhannes Avoyan, Paid Monitor’ Founder and CEO, “On average, online shop sites were down for 7 hours during the 2008 holiday season. That represents millions of online sales lost and countless customer relationships damaged. Paid Monitor e-Commerce Monitoring insures during that the critical holiday sales period, you’ve got the information you need to keep your online shops up as much as possible.”

Paid Monitor e-Commerce Monitoring monitors functionality and site performance for online stores by simulating actual consumer behavior on our client’s online shops every 5 minutes. While home pages often run well, many online retailers are unaware when their customer experience degrades as customers move closer to completing a transaction. Paid Monitor e-Commerce Monitoring alerts retailers to problems as they happen so that corrective action can be taken immediately and the loss of online sales minimized.

The functions monitored by Paid Monitor e-Commerce Monitoring include:

  • log-in
  • product search
  • shopping carts
  • check-out
  • order tracking
  • order updating
  • payment processing
  • product detail pages
  • and more

Want to maximize your uptime this holiday season? Act now, as Paid Monitor’ 60% holiday discount on it’s Paid Monitor e-Commerce Monitoring suite is good only through Monday, November 9, 2009. Get Paid Monitor e-Commerce Monitoring today and insure you keep every penny shoppers want to spend with you. More at https://www.monitor.us/special

About Paid Monitor All-in-One Monitoring Platform

Paid Monitor is a 100% Cloud-based, complete, and flexible IT monitoring solution which consolidates backend monitoring, application monitoring, website monitoring, and cloud monitoring in an all-in-one, central monitoring service. The platform is easily customizable and may be used for managing of all kinds of IT assets such as websites, servers, routers, switches, VoIP devices, DNS, databases, processes and any other IP devices.  Paid Monitor provides users with a comprehensive view of their system’s health and performance.

About Paid Monitor

Paid Monitor believes that the Cloud is the biggest thing to happen in IT management since IT management. Having seen this vision early, Paid Monitor is now the global leader in developing this market.  It is the first affordable network and systems monitoring solution based 100% in the Cloud.

Besides Paid Monitor’ enthusiastic and loyal user base of 50,000 customers from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies to government agencies and educational institutions, Paid Monitor has won rave reviews from the technology analyst community. The 451 Group has recently named Paid Monitor as one of it’s 6 Innovators for 2009, based on how Paid Monitor’ Cloud-based monitoring helps companies reduce system downtime, improve the productivity of their IT staff, and reduce operational expenditures.

Paid Monitor was founded in 2005 by a team of seasoned entrepreneurs and fed-up and worn-out developers who were tired of complaining about the limits of software-based tools, while inspired by the promise of the Cloud.  Headquartered in San Jose, CA, Paid Monitor is lead by a team of IT professionals with deep experience running enterprise-grade IT businesses, as well as starting and selling several IT start-ups.  Using a global workforce, particularly its R&D team based in Yerevan, Armenia, Paid Monitor is poised to move from strength to strength.  At present, it has a loyal and enthusiastic user community of 50,000, and an average month-on-month revenue growth of over 10%.


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Hovhannes Avoyan

About Hovhannes Avoyan

Paid Monitor CEO – Hovhannes is an international entrepreneur with a recognized and respected reputation in the high tech industry. His technical expertise, combined with his drive to build the best business/product, has positioned him as a visionary international extension of Silicon Valley.

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