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10 Powerful JQuery plug-ins for enhancing website user interfaces

JQuery is free and open source software licensed under the GNU General Public License. It allows web developers to create animations, handle events, develop Ajax applications, and add high level advanced effects. In essence, it allows web designers to come up with powerful, dynamic and cool web pages. It is pretty easy to use too, so new users will find it easier to learn than standard JavaScript.

Web design and development, like any other profession has moved through time and advanced in its’ very own way. Coming up with some of the cool websites that we see is sometimes a difficult task, which is why web developers choose to use plugins that help to simplify the job, plus help create stunning visual effects. The following are some of the powerful jQuery plugins that you as a web designer/ developer can use to solve some of the problems:

This is a simple enhancement that facilities fast mouse navigation onto your website. It increases the capacity of mouse interaction on any block of text the mouse encounters by intensifying its appearance. For instance, Jmagnify is widely used when heightening the qualities and giving life to existing texts in the websites.

This is a problem solver for unsaved webpage contents that are oblivious to the users. Website developers rely on this aspect to update changes of the initial page status using CSS styles across all the affected fields. Dirtyfields is an important jquerry plugin to inform the users of these existing issues in various websites and provides solutions when needed. Its dynamicity is also an added advantage when managing fields. It is mostly used when making changes to datasheets and easily determines the changes from the last update.

Adding images to cover a browser window can be very easy when Fullscreenr is used. This plugin is always needed when scaling images to fit in the browser window’s background in correct ratios. It is the appropriate tool to crop images that you would like to use when a developing website. Fullscreenr is richer in image modification controls and as it sounds, it is well known to manage screen resolutions for web developers.

This plugin is most useful if you are looking to add a full featured slide image rotator to your website. It even helps to add simple ad banners, and will do the job with ease. It is easy to install and customize, making it one of the most popular jQuery plugins.

Being an embedded plugin in the JavaScript library, XML slider is commonly used to develop dynamic websites with sliders anchored by XML. This is a cool feature that has no match due to its high level of interactivity and usability. It increases the impact of robustness and flexibility of contents and graphics for most website user interfaces.

This is a very easy to use and flexible image slideshow plugin that sets really unique transition effects and features in your image slides. It really sets the bar high for other slide plugins, and you will be glad to incorporate it into your website.

Super menu pack consists of 10 menus of its kind and style, 5 that are done in CSS and the other 5 in jQuery framework. This is a reliable plugin developers can use to continue manage website applications and furthermore allow them to modify interfaces to how they like. Super menu pack gives room to significant functionalities that can be used to create attractive and outstanding websites.

This is a JavaScript library component that allows website developers to create ultimate user interfaces with widgets for contents trafficking via websites.  It provides an easy platform for using the Google API feed, and makes it possible for you to anything you wish with the data that is returned.

One of the best things about jQuery is its’ ability to be extended through the use of plugins. These are not the only ones, so it is up to you to find out which plugin suits your web page.

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