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DevOps is going strong, is your organization onboard?

We’re living in exciting but demanding technological times. Big Data, Internet of Things, Apple Watch, ubiquitous computing, smart machines, robotics, and home automation . . . things that were the talk of science fiction only a few short years ago are on every CIOs wish list today. But to the point, the revolution in technology… Read the full post

Top 7 security risks that small businesses should know about

In the good old days, before cyber-security became a real problem on the scale we’ve seen recently, having the anonymity of a small business was an advantage. Cyber-criminals had bigger fish to fry so to speak. And we’ve seen the results. 2014 was a brutal year no matter how you look at it; big name… Read the full post

How to protect your small business with security analytics

Cyber-criminals unfortunately have been on top of the latest technologies and are upping-the-ante of their attacks, in some ways faster than the good guys are able to respond. Based on the increasingly brazen examples of cyber-crime we witnessed in 2014, the time for urgency around protecting your business is now more relevant than ever. Nothing… Read the full post

Database-as-a-Service and why it matters

We’ve all become well familiar with the major iterations of the “as a service” cloud computing model over the past 5 years (PaaS, SaasS, IaaS), and seen the transformative ways that cloud has changed IT. In fact, every time you turn around it seems like there’s another new ‘as a service.’ There’s now Analytics as… Read the full post

Home automation and what it means for the Internet of Things

Everywhere you look today the Internet of Things is being discussed. It’s the “next big” thing in technology today. Businesses, startups, and enterprises are signing up to get onboard this epic new wave of innovation. The prospect of 30 billion objects connected to the Internet by the year 2020 is staggering, as are the opportunities… Read the full post

7 ways to get your small business into the cloud

According to a recent study, the real value of cloud services for SMBs is access to services that were once only available to enterprises – and for a faction of the cost: “Cloud computing can help level the playing field for smaller firms. It allows them to access sophisticated IT services that were previously out… Read the full post

Why it’s time for small business to get onboard with machine learning

There’s never been a more exciting time than the present to be involved in technology. We’ve said this time and again, but it bears repeating . . .  the convergence of mobile, cloud, collaboration, and information technologies over the past 5 years have created unheard of opportunities to drive new dimensions of innovation and creativity.… Read the full post

7 tips for a better end-user experience

Whatever name you wish to call them – end-user, visitor, customer – these are people who visit your website to engage with your brand, product, or service. These are the folks who are going to make or break your business. By the looks of your website they will determine if you have something that’s worth… Read the full post