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News: Gartner Survey Shows Cloud Growth

Written by don

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Gartner’s got  a new survey out. The analysts polled nearly 500 IT budget management professionals (CIOs, IT VPs, IT directors, IT managers) worldwide, querying participants on cloud resources in their current budgets and asking about estimated spending for2011.

Guess what? If you didn’t know this already, the cloud market is evolving rapidly. In the survey, 39% said they allocated some of their IT budget to cloud computing. About one-third of that allocation is new funding, while the rest comes from other budget categories or from money unspent in the previous year.

- 46% of respondents are planning to up the use of cloud services from external providers (for example, from providers such as Google, Amazon and yours truly, Paid Monitor 100% cloud-based monitoring of apps, data, websites, servers and more);

- 43% expected to spend more to implement private clouds for internal or restricted use of the enterprise.

“Overall, these are healthy investment trends for cloud computing,”  said Bob Igou, research director at Gartner, in a statement made on the company’s website. “This is yet another trend that indicates a shift in spending from traditional IT assets such as the data center assets and a move toward assets that are accessed in the cloud.”

And in a further sign that cloud computing is taking a stronger foothold among today’s enterprises, Gartner surveyed nearly 1,600 respondents from 40 countries and found that cloud computing services consumed from external service providers (ESPs) are more than 10% of spending on external IT services.

I’d give you a statistic to compare that with, but the story I read about the survey didn’t report on it. I’m sure, however,  it was lower last year and even lower the year before.

Has your company budgeted more IT for the cloud, and are you using more cloud services from ESPs? I’d love to hear about it.

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