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Paid Monitor Adds an Amazon EC2 Monitoring Location

Amazon EC2 customers can now check their users’ web experience locally.

Press Release

San Jose 10 June, 2009 Paid Monitor Inc., a leading provider of affordable easy-to-use enterprise-class systems management software as a service, today announces a new external monitoring location within Amazon network.

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud, also known as Amazon EC2, offers a service that gives developers access to web-scale computing via cloud. The cloud computing concept combines the most recent IT trends, such as software as a service and Web 2.0, to make more applications and computing capacity easily available.

Paid Monitor specializes in internal and external network, applications and servers fault and performance monitoring. Ensuring a seamless user experience in web applications, Paid Monitor external monitoring specifically simulates the actions of end users from several countries across the globe. Load time of web content from networks situated in US, Europe, Asia, South America and Australia are constantly monitored and gauged by Paid Monitor to provide knowledge about the speed of the web site to users from their respective countries. Paid Monitor already has excellent global network coverage, but it is adding an additional 7th monitoring site with extra value for Amazon cloud users.

Online business can be significantly affected by Web page load time. If every 100 ms of wait time costs Amazon 1% of profit, and every 0.5 seconds added to search page generation on Google drops traffic by 20%, it’s easy to see that it doesn’t take long for small increments in wait time add up to big costs to online business. As Amazon EC2 services become more and more popular application hosting solutions for Web 2.0 companies, one particular problem continues to be a nuisance: application latency. Paid Monitor has added Amazon EC2 monitoring location to its network to tackle this problem.

The latency of the Amazon EC2 servers will be monitored locally by Paid Monitor EC2 monitor, giving a better indication of what is causing this latency: the user infrastructure, the EC2 instance, or the applications themselves. The Paid Monitor monitor will measure EC2 server latency and provide performance data as if it were operating in the customer’s local network.

About Paid Monitor Performance Monitor

Paid Monitor Performance Monitor is industry leading comprehensive, affordable, scalable, fault and performance management platform. Paid Monitor Performance Monitor monitors, collects and analyzes information from websites, servers, routers, switches, VoIP devices, DNS, databases, processes and any other IP devices providing users with a comprehensive view of their system health. Open sourced Paid Monitor plug-in with powerful API’s allow users to extend Paid Monitor powerful monitoring and management capabilities. Users can be assured of always on reliable service as Paid Monitor Performance Monitor is deployed across the world providing resilient service.

About Paid Monitor

Paid Monitor is a leading provider of affordable performance monitoring and management solution. More than 50,000 customers spanning small businesses, Fortune 500 companies, government agencies and education institutions have chosen Paid Monitor to reduce system downtime, improve IT administrator productivity, and reduce operational expenditure. Paid Monitor is radically changing system monitoring and management landscape by providing easy to use, affordable, flexible (deployment configurations include: shared, internal cloud and external cloud), and simple to manage SaaS performance monitoring and management solution. For more information, please visit https://www.monitor.us


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