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The New Monitor.Us Dashboard – Coming Soon!

Dashboard giftThe holiday season is nearly upon us. It will be a time of celebration, feasting and giving gifts to those we care about most. At Monitor.Us it is not different. We have been scurrying about to get the gifts ready and we just can’t wait any longer. We are so excited with our present for you all that we are going to break with tradition and give it to you early this year! In just a few more days you will be getting your holiday season gift – a brand new dashboard from Monitor.Us will be arriving, all wrapped up in ribbons and bows.


screenshot 2


You will be impressed with  its’ beautiful look and feel and even more so by the fact it is faster, easier to set up and simpler to use. The screens are sharper, the features more dynamic and the user experience is so pleasurable you will be amazed.  With the launch of the new Monitor.Us dashboard you will getting access to a state of the art tool that will help you; streamline your monitoring, provide you with advanced features to aid you in more complete monitoring and management and does all of this in an intuitive way that will for sure leave you smiling.


On the new dashboard you you will be able to see everything in a new sharp full screen mode. This and over a half a dozen new features will help you monitor everything even better than before. So hold you breath, keep your eyes open and in just a few days you will see your gift arriving.



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Ralph Eck

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Ralph is an international businessman with a wealth of experience in developing; telecommunications, data transmission, CATV and internet companies. His experience and expertise positions him uniquely in being able to; analyze, evaluate and critique technology and how it fits into a business’ operational needs while supporting its’ success.
  • Zihni Saglam

    Looking good! Is this going to be the new face of Paid Monitor too?

  • barryherne

    Looks impressive and substantial enough. Then, I am looking forward to present from my monitoring tool Anturis.