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How to monitor your Java application logs

To drive business ROI and retain competitive advantage in today’s super-fast paced digital market, organizations have to focus on their applications. Applications are the life-blood of a business; they are the channels through which end-users engage with your brand, products, and services. Many application servers generate log files in such areas as local files, log4j,… Read the full post

Why your business will go to the cloud

We’ve seen some momentous changes over the past 5 years as the cloud has spawned a revolution within IT that has spread to every part of the business. Today, organizations are lining up to migrate their applications and services to the cloud as fast as possible to save operating costs and improve efficiencies. Based on… Read the full post

Best practices for keeping your personal data secure in the cloud

If you recall it wasn’t too many years ago that the idea of putting personal data into a cloud would have made most consumers and not a few IT professionals shudder. What about security? What if the cloud gets hacked? What about privacy and if someone else sees my personal data? But that was then,… Read the full post

Top 7 penetration testing tools for the small business

Cyber-criminals unfortunately have been on top of the latest technologies and are upping-the-ante of their attacks, in some ways faster than the good guys are able to respond. Given the trends we saw in 2014, it’s safe to assume that cyber-criminals will stage increasingly brazen and bold attacks in the year(s) ahead. Nothing is safe… Read the full post

Big Data 2.0: Cognitive analytics and why it matters

Big Data has been all the rage in recent years as businesses have come to realize that data is a commodity much like gold or silver. Data-driven insights are providing businesses with new competitive advantages, enabling them to gain richer insights into their customers and thus to innovate and add new products and services quicker… Read the full post

How to make the most of your IT log data

Data, data, and more data. It’s all we hear about anymore. Everywhere you turn today businesses are talking about their challenges with how to collect, prepare, analyze, and visualize various types of complex data. By the way you hear them talk, you’d think that data is gold. Well, actually, data is a major asset, and… Read the full post

7 best practices for your Drupal environment

First released in 2001, Drupal is a free and open-source content-management framework written in PHP and distributed under the GNU General Public License. Drupal is used as a back-end framework for at least 5.1% of all Web sites worldwide, putting it in 3rd place behind WordPress and Joomla. The various uses for Drupal range from… Read the full post

Top 7 cloud storage solutions for the small business

Cloud storage has become an integral way for defining and managing our digital lives. More and more we are juggling multiple devices whether a laptop or desktop at work, a smartphone on the subway, or a tablet at home. This all means that we’ve come to rely on the ability to post our content into… Read the full post