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7 tools every web developer should be using

The explosive growth of the internet over the last twenty years and the democratization of knowledge and information has led to a revolution in the way that technology is implemented and consumed. The last 7 years in particular has witnessed a real revolution in the areas of mobile, cloud, collaboration, and information technologies and given… Read the full post

Top 10 ways to make your small business Cyber-Strong

Cyber-security has always been important, but following the growing stream of large-scale attacks in the past year there’s never been more urgency around the topic than now. In late 2013 Target got hit with what was then the biggest retail hack in U.S. history. And then last fall Home Depot succumbed to an epic attack… Read the full post


Monitor.Us Feature Improvements in 2014

Monitor.Us has always prided itself on being the best free dynamic all-in-one cloud based IT monitoring tool. With our platform you get; website monitoring, network monitoring, full page load monitoring, server monitoring, mobile monitoring and an open API so that you can easily customize our monitoring tools so that they match your specific needs. We… Read the full post

7 sure-fire ways to improve your website speed

In today’s fast-paced world having a website that loads quickly and doesn’t keep your customers counting the seconds is critical to business success. As the old adage goes, “time is money” and the extra few moments that your visitors spend waiting for images, fonts, and scripts to load up can be a deal-breaker. This is… Read the full post

How to get ready for BYOW

We’ve been hearing a lot about wearables lately. Smartwatches in particular received a lot of notoriety in 2014 with major players like Google, LG, and Samsung introducing devices. Then, of course, the Apple Watch announcement in September has now caused a lot of stir. And we can’t forget the commoditization of the health fitness tracker… Read the full post

How to get started with Apple WatchKit

Since its announcement in September, Apple Watch has probably become one of the most highly anticipated tech gizmos in recent times, perhaps even more than the original iPhone. In the last 7 years or so we’ve seen why Apple is the global leader in technology innovation. The MacIntosh, iPod, and iPhone each revolutionized how people… Read the full post

Best 5 reasons why you should learn JavaScript

JavaScript has emerged in the past couple years as the de facto expression of next generation web technologies, and a critical component of HTML5 technologies – along with CSS and JQuery. JavaScript is really ubiquitous – it really is showing up everywhere! There are many other reasons why JavaScript and JS-based tools like JSON and… Read the full post

Is the mainframe dead?

When folks in IT mention the mainframe today, they often conjures up images of tall, bulky processors from the 1970s spinning round-real magnetic tapes or cartridges. In the same breath they’ll throw around terms like “old” and “outdated” and “legacy” to describe the system. Yes, the mainframe has been around for 50 years and has… Read the full post