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How to grow your business with Twitter – part 5

We’ve spent some time in this series focusing on jumpstarting our community building efforts through Twitter. As you recall from an earlier post, we likened Twitter to setting up a new company on a busy street. There are opportunities all around you and so now that you’re open for business you want to go out and meet your neighbors and potential new customers, listen to their challenges and issues, and to help them find solutions to pressing problems. When people come to trust you and your brand and perceive you as a thought leader in your vertical, then they will trust you with their business. Read more…

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How to grow your business with Twitter – part 4

Throughout this series we’ve emphasized the importance of Twitter for growing your business and have offered some steps and guidelines to kickstart your marketing strategy. We’ve outlined the preliminary steps of setting up an account, getting keywords, familiarizing yourself with the language of the Twittersphere, and now we’ve actually at the point where we’re growing our community. Like anything, being successful on Twitter requires time, hard work, and patience. There are best practices, protocols, and points of etiquette that will serve to promote your success and that’s what we’re continuing to discuss here. Read more…

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How to grow your business with Twitter – part 3

We left off in the middle of a discussion on best practices and strategies around how to grow your small business with Twitter. What this means, in other words, is how do we use this microblogging platform to advertise and grow our brand, gain new customers, and drive revenue? Twitter is a ready-made, popular forum where people go to get information about what’s important to them. But we just don’t jump in and start tweeting randomly. There are certain principles that we need to follow to leverage Twitter effectively, such as deciding what our purpose and strategy is, defining our brand, and learning to understand the lingo and terminology of the Twittersphere. Read more…

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How to grow your business with Twitter – part 2

twitter2In yesterday’s post we introduced Twitter as a global social media phenomenon that has become a primary channel for advertising your brand and achieving business success. The microblogging platform has over 500 million Tweets a day and 230 million active users.  This vast Twittersphere is a ready made and active forum where people go to find news, engage in discussions, and to generally get closer to things that matter most to them. If you want to reach new customers then obviously you’ll need to meet them where they are. And that means getting active with Twitter. Read more…

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How to grow your business with Twitter – part 1

twitter 2Since its inception in 2006 Twitter has grown from a modest text message service for allowing users to quickly communicate with each other into a global social media phenomenon. As one book description has put it, “By 2013 Twitter boasted close to 300 million active users around the world. In barely six years, the service has become a tool for fighting political oppression in the Middle East, a marketing musthave for business, and the world’s living room during live TV events. Today, notables such as the pope, Oprah Winfrey, and the president of the United States are regular Twitter users. A seventeen-year-old with a mobile phone can now reach a larger audience than an entire crew at CNN.” Read more…

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