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Will my job be replaced by a machine? – part 2

In the last segment we learned about the rapid intrusion of automation and smart machines into the job market. While these devices make our lives much easier in so many ways, the tradeoff is that they will also eliminate many jobs – some say to the tune of nearly 50% in the next two decades.… Read the full post

Will my job be replaced by a machine? – part 1

What was considered science fiction a few years ago is fast becoming present day reality. Smartwatches, augmented reality glasses, virtual assistants that can understand speech . . . who would’ve thought? And now we are on the verge of driverless cars, which Nissan announced it will have on the roads by 2020. Not long ago… Read the full post

Telepresence for the small business – part 1

If we know one thing that is clear about the future of business it’s that automation and global communications will continue to grow at a very rapid pace. We’ve seen tremendous changes in the world of mobile, cloud, and Big Data in just the past 5 years that have transformed how we live, the way… Read the full post

Top 10 strategy tips for the busy CIO – part 2

Becoming a successful CIO in today’s ultra-competitive, fast-paced digital economy requires a different mindset than was required just 5 years ago. Technology is changing so rapidly and is now more than ever a key differentiator in all lines of the business cycle. Staying lean and agile and keeping eyes and ears open to the emerging… Read the full post

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Top 10 strategy tips for the busy CIO – part 1

Today’s CIOs are experiencing unheard of levels of technological transformation. The breakneck speed of the market and the new innovations (and revolutions!) in cloud, mobile, and Big Data mean that business leaders need a different approach to keeping up with it all. Technology is now the major differentiator in business and commerce. The rules have… Read the full post

Does your business have a 2020 outlook?

For a number of years now the year 2020 has assumed the status of a kind of unofficial benchmark across many industries for measuring progress and meeting new development milestones. In many minds the underlying sense is that 2020 will mark a profound shift in the global business landscape, influenced by rapid changes in demographic,… Read the full post

What’s new in web design – part 2

In the last segment we introduced some of the latest styles and techniques that are trending in the world of web design. These are features that some of you may see every day as you surf the web and yet didn’t necessarily know the names for. Parallax scrolling is a great way to present your… Read the full post

What’s new in web design – part 1

Advances in web technologies, and especially HTML5, have created a range of new options today for web designers. We’re starting to see more and more of the effects show up in the webpages that we visit. Users may not always know what these techniques are called but they recognize something trendy when they see it.… Read the full post