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Big Data plus the Internet of Things Equals Big Revenues

The Internet of Things started a while back and sounded like another good idea but nobody was sure if it would become reality or just fall to the wayside like a lot of good ideas. While the long term future is still to be determined, there is no longer any doubt about the fact that… Read the full post

Is your business cyber-secure? – part 2

Cybersecurity often doesn’t get the attention it deserves within small businesses. According to a 2012 joint study by security firm Symantec and the National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA), 83% of small businesses do not have a formal cyber security plan, and 69% are without even an informal plan. Like most accidents and misfortunes the assumption… Read the full post

Is your business cyber-secure? – part 1

The first few months of 2014 were a major wakeup to businesses of all sizes about the importance of proper cybersecurity. The Target credit card breach at the end of 2013, in which 40 million customer credit card accounts were compromised, showed that no one is invincible and that every business no matter what size… Read the full post

Biggest reasons why small business fail

An oft-repeated stat has it that 8 out of 10 people who start new businesses fail within the first 18 months. That’s a crash and burn rate of 80%. Or stated slightly different, a new business owner has a 1 in 5 chance to survive past the first year and a half. The chances of… Read the full post

The future of the Internet – part 5

The future of the Internet is not just about technology. It also has huge social, political, and cultural implications. Pew Research’s Digital Life in 2025 report says this will be seen through revolutions in how global education is devised and delivered. Here’s their statement on this: “An Internet-enabled revolution in education will spread more opportunities,… Read the full post

The future of the Internet – part 4

If we understand things correctly the Internet of tomorrow will be seamless, ambient, and blend right into our everyday lives in ways that we hardly notice. None of us think about how electricity moves from the power stations to the transformers to the home outlets. Similarly, the internet will become a lot ‘like electricity’; in… Read the full post

The future of the Internet – part 3

In this series we’ve been looking at the future of the Internet and using Pew Research’s recent Digital Life in 2025 report as a guide for our discussion. We understand how the internet has been a major disruptor at all levels of society – impacting how we access and manage private information, how we socialize… Read the full post

The future of the Internet – part 2

Since its inception 25 years ago the internet has transformed all levels of business and society. Whether we’re at work, or on our morning commute, or shopping for a new iPhone, we rely on the internet and the instantaneous access to information it brings us. Our daily routine is so structured by the internet that… Read the full post