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Monitor.Us Releases an All New Dashboard!

new_dashboard_2The IT monitoring arena is a very competitive and continually evolving one and we are always looking at ways to improve to meet and exceed clients needs and experiences. We listened to our customers comments and reviewed their wish lists and based on this we are proud to release an all new dashboard. The new dashboard is;  Read more…

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The New Monitor.Us Dashboard – Coming Soon!

Dashboard giftThe holiday season is nearly upon us. It will be a time of celebration, feasting and giving gifts to those we care about most. At Monitor.Us it is not different. We have been scurrying about to get the gifts ready and we just can’t wait any longer. We are so excited with our present for you all that we are going to break with tradition and give it to you early this year! In just a few more days you will be getting your holiday season gift – a brand new dashboard from Monitor.Us will be arriving, all wrapped up in ribbons and bows. Read more…

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6 Reasons Why Cloud Website Monitoring Rocks

IT GuyToday’s web administrator or IT troubleshooter is often incredibly overworked. As pretty much every element of business function has moved from the physical to the virtual realms, the IT professionals job becomes more cumbersome and challenging. We all understand how vital it is to make sure that all infrastructure, from data stored on physical machines to server-side functions, are secure and operating optimally. For the overworked IT professional, however, these are just additional job tasks to be added to an already overloaded schedule – no matter how important they may be.

Read more…

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5 Bottlenecks That Slow Down Your Website Performance


bottleneckIn today’s world of mobile devices, the pace of life continually increases, and with it, the patience of those who visit your website keeps growing thinner. Meanwhile, you have so many new features to offer, and you must keep pace with your competitors lest your site appear outdated or cheap. You want to wow your visitors, but visitors who don’t stay long enough to even load the page aren’t likely to be all that impressed. Here are five common mistakes that can make for sluggish website performance and a fleeing audience. Read more…

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Website Monitoring Equals Revenue Protection

eagle_chartIt is summer time and thoughts naturally turn to dreams of your upcoming vacation. Going to the beach and laying on the sand after frolicking in the waves. Or maybe a trip to the mountains for some quiet and peaceful fishing. You have been working hard all year and deserve the rest, the break from the stress and the routine. But remember that even though you deserve a vacation your network doesn’t get a vacation. It needs to be working 24 hours a day every day of the  year. And if it isn’t your staff had better know about it fast. Since they can’t always be looking at your website, you need the best monitoring system to do it for you. Read more…

Category: Articles, Free Tools, Website Monitoring, Website Performance
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