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Top 7 mobile apps for your small business

They say that “the future is Mobile and Mobile is the future.” This especially holds true in the world of business. When it comes to building and running a thriving small business in the 21st century, you have to be fast and agile – and do what others are not willing to do – in… Read the full post

The top 5 crowdfunding sites for your startup

crowd funding

If you’ve ever tried a startup or are currently running one then you know the challenges and difficulties of obtaining funding. Getting a business loan can be challenging without collateral, or unless you’ve been in business for at least a year. Venture capital is very competitive as well, requiring extensive vetting. If funded, you also… Read the full post

Don’t get stuck in the HTML5 vs. Native rut

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The world of mobile has been a fast-moving target, fueled by lightning speed transformations that have left IT veterans shaking their head. PC sales have plummeted in recent years, and are expected to continue to decline 6.6% in 2014, while tablet sales, for instance, will rise 38.6%. The total number of smartphones in use globally… Read the full post

Does your business need a CDO?

Over the last couple of years you’ve probably heard some buzz about a new executive title known as a Chief Digital Officer, or CDO. And upon initially hearing this, perhaps you frowned a bit and thought, “Oh great, someone had too much time on their hands and needed an excuse to create another privileged position… Read the full post

56 Million Customer Cards Exposed in Home Depot Breach


Home Depot has announced that 56 million of its customers cards may have been compromised during the 6 months that their POS terminals had been breached. This makes the Home Depot attack larger than last years credit card credentials theft at Target (40 million cards compromised)during the holiday shopping season. Estimates of the financial damage… Read the full post