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Sales robots are coming to a retailer near you

Just when you thought it was okay to stop and catch your breath from the whirlwind of exciting new technology, think again. The head-spinning pace has just ramped up a notch! This time it’s sales robots. Imagine a robot wheeling up to you at the local hardware supply store and asking in a Siri-like voice,… Read the full post

Why email is so 1990s

Electronic mail, or commonly referred to as email, since around 1993 has been the leading form of internet communication for the past two decades. But the first email was actually sent in the early 70s, which makes the medium quite ancient by modern standards of technology.     While I am a technology and innovation… Read the full post

What’s the Physical Web and why it matters

The internet has undoubtedly been one of the biggest sources of innovation and revenue generation in history. In terms of global commerce, it’s hard to think of anything that has matched it. Our daily lives, our business, our social interactions, you name it, are all so structured by the internet that we scarcely stop to… Read the full post

What’s your 2020 strategy?

Businesses have begun to talk more and more in recent years about the centrality of their 2020 strategy and where they hope to be on the technological spectrum within the next 5 years. Given the amazing progress we’ve seen in just the past several years through the emergence and confluence of mobile, cloud, and Big… Read the full post

Are these tech gadgets on your Christmas wish list?

Well, it’s hard to believe that another holiday season is upon us. Though it seems like the festivities are lasting longer each year. Yuletides and carols before Thanksgiving tend to stretch things out a full 6 weeks, and before long we may be starting before Halloween. Notwithstanding the longer holiday shopping season, now we’re finally… Read the full post