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How to prepare for the digital workforce – part 2

When it comes to preparing for the digital workforce and ensuring your employability for the future, no one – not your manager or CIO or HR rep – can do a better job of keeping your skills relevant than you. So have you asked yourself how you plan to keep yourself updated and retain your… Read the full post

How to prepare for the digital workforce – part 1

We hear more and more today about the “digital workforce” and the implications for the future of business. What exactly is the DW and what does it mean for your organization? One credible resource puts it this way: “The digital workplace is the collection of all of the digital tools provided by an organization to… Read the full post

Is email outdated?

You use it, I use it, your grandmother in Punta Gorda, Florida uses it. Tupperware? No. Guess again! Email. Yes, electronic mail, or commonly referred to as email since around 1993, has been the leading form of internet communication for the past two decades. But the first email was actually sent in the early 70s,… Read the full post

Home Depot Investigating Possible Massive Hack


Home Depot may be the latest company to fall prey to hackers in a potentially massive theft of customers credit card and debit data (the theft is believed to have begun back in May of this year). If the ongoing investigation proves out to be true, then Home Depot joins the ranks of other retailers,… Read the full post

Internet – The Need For Speed

fast internet

The “need for speed” has been with mankind for the millennium. Whether it be running, horses, cars, boats or planes or almost any other thing, we always want it faster. The same has been true of the internet. In the early days back in 1993 the best anyone could get for an internet connection was… Read the full post