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The latest trends in mobile application development for 2015

The trends continue to prove that the future is definitely mobile. PC sales continue to decline while sales of mobile devices are increasing globally, and the number of mobile devices accessing the internet continues to skyrocket. In fact, August 2014 was the first time in history that more people used mobile devices to visit online… Read the full post

How well is your organization leveraging IT Data

Data, data, and more data. It’s all we hear about anymore. Everywhere you turn today businesses are talking about their challenges with how to collect, prepare, analyze, and visualize various types of complex data. By the way you hear them talk, you’d think that data is gold. Well, actually, data is a major asset, and… Read the full post

Machine to Machine (M2M) and why it matters

In the interest of the rise of Internet of Things and the hype that has surrounded it over the past year, we thought it’d make sense to address a subsidiary of IoT, which many have heard about but few may understand: M2M, or machine to machine communications.     M2M, according to Wiki, “refers to… Read the full post

5 tips to notch up your website performance

The goal of any website is to get your brand in front of as many online visitors as possible and to turn those visitors into regular customers. This really encompasses the heart of web performance. Sometimes, we think of performance solely in technical terms as optimizing images, caching, and adjusting style sheets. These are elements… Read the full post

What’s on the Cyber-security radar for 2015

If anything, 2014 was a wake-up call about the growing dangers of cyber-crime and hacking. Last year at this time Target got hit with what was then the biggest retail hack in U.S. history, until this past fall Home Depot succumbed to an epic attack that compromised 56 million credit cards. The Sony Pictures debacle… Read the full post