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Microsoft Buys Minecraft – 6 Important Reasons Why


When a company has nearly 90 billion dollars in the bank it is very tempting to go on a shopping spree. We have seen this over and over and sadly quite often the companies they buy don’t make sense and don’t every return the investment the way it was expected. Now that Microsoft has bought… Read the full post

Hacked Again – Retailers Need to Improve POS Security

hacked again

Retailers around the globe have known for quite some time that the level of payment system security they have is grossly insufficient, yet they have been slow to act. It is this lethargic behavior that has lead to hack after hack and 10′s of millions of clients credit card credentials exposed, stolen and abused. The… Read the full post

Robots are coming to an office near you – part 2

Telepresence robots have been around now for about 5 years but the industry is entering a new era. Increased sophistication in mobile and BYOD technologies are bringing the prices of these devices down. Consumers are starting to see more options available. And if things keep going the way they are, Telepresence may well prove to… Read the full post

Robots are coming to an office near you – part 1

For years people have been speculating when robots might be ready to go mainstream. Back at the beginning of 2007, Bill Gates famously declared robots as the “next big thing” and that the industry was at the same place as the PC market in the late 70s – just ready to take off! Well, we’ve… Read the full post

Looking at the world through Google Glasses

This is not the article I intended to write. I was looking to give a glowing update on Google Glass as a use case for cool technology, ahead of its time, and sure to change the world. But a quick glance at the recent literature is showing that GG is nothing short of a marketing… Read the full post