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The Gold Standard: MySQL Benchmarking Best Practices

MySQL Benchmarking is a useful branch of database performance optimization. This article expects the readers to have a basic understanding of relational database systems like MySQL and administrative use of Linux. So why should database administrators run benchmark tests on their MySQL systems? The answer is simply to see if the designed system is able… Read the full post


Essential website security tips

Whatever kind of website you have, no matter if it’s an educational one, a fun one, or a business one, you should always think about protecting it from malicious users. In this article I’ll show you 5 easy to follow steps that can help you accomplish that:

Application Transactions

The concept of an application transaction (also called a business transaction or an end-user transaction) is at the heart of Application Performance Monitoring (APM).  A previous three-part article, The APM Primer (part one, part two, and part three), described the basics of APM.  The article now before you delves a little deeper into APM’s core… Read the full post

Monitoring Directory Size

Files keep growing!  Then comes the ultimate crash when they’ve grown too much.  If you would like to monitor the number and size of the files in some directory on your server (and who wouldn’t), Mikayel Vardanyan shows you the easy way in Monitoring Files and Directories with Paid Monitor.Mikayel demonstrates how to use a Python… Read the full post

The Application Performance Monitoring Primer (Part 1 of 3)

 Application Management (AM) includes project management, development, testing, quality assurance, release management, application monitoring, and responding to the information supplied by monitors.  Application Performance Monitoring (APM) is application monitoring that is focused on performance rather than security, availability, planning, or some other matter. This article is part one of a primer for those who have… Read the full post

Monitoring WMI Data With VbScript

If you know Visual Basic and WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation), Hovhannes Avoyan’s article, How to Monitor Windows Servers with VBScript, WMI, and Paid Monitor, on the Paid Monitor blog is well worth a read.  It is a well-written article that shows how to monitor WMI data from the cloud.  All the VB code is included. The same… Read the full post