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Get ready for the “Internet of Things” – part 5

internet of things 5Throughout this series we’ve talked about the transformative nature of the Internet of Things market, and how small businesses can start to leverage these capabilities for their own competitive advantage. The key points so far have been about starting small and growing incrementally, looking for ways to improve business efficiency with the technology, then applying the benefits to your customer and scaling up from there. In this last segment we will close out the discussion by looking at a couple of additional guidelines to consider in how to make IoT work for you and your business. Read more…

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Get ready for the “Internet of Things” – part 4

Global InternetWe’re continuing our discussion on actionable guidelines that small business owners can start taking to jumpstart their Internet of Things strategy. So far we’ve mentioned the importance of taking small and incremental steps to find ways to gather data from physical devices, whether that involves setting up a Nest smart thermostat in your building or giving out Fitbits to help your employees monitor their health. Leveraging a web call service like IFTTT (“If this then that”) can also help you experiment with using social and cloud channels like Instagram, Dropbox, or Twitter in order to perform basic tasks to optimize your digital world. Read more…

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Get ready for the “Internet of Things” – part 3

Internet of things 3In yesterday’s post we had just started focusing on actionable “Internet of Things” strategies that small business leaders can implement today. The opportunities in this space are simply too profound to ignore. And so we’re going to continue the discussion here by looking at ways to get your business ready for this emerging and disruptive new market.

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Get ready for the “Internet of Things” – part 2

internet of things 2The Internet of Things is a fast moving epic transformation that, like earlier iterations of the internet, is redefining how information is created, disseminated, and consumed. Uniquely, though, IoT is projected to be even bigger than what has gone before, with some estimating it to be worth $19 trillion in the next decade. The development of a connected web of people to everyday physical objects, along with machine to machine communications, represents a scenario considered science fiction just a few years ago. Researchers predict that by 2020 over 30 billion objects will wirelessly be connected to the internet. As the world becomes increasingly connected, and the distinctions between real and digital worlds become blurred, technologists and business leaders will do well to understand the implications that these emerging and disruptive trends will have at the organizational level. Read more…

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Get ready for the “Internet of Things” – part 1

internet of thingsThe internet has been around for the last twenty years and it has truly revolutionized all aspects of life as we know it. Whether we’re at work, or on our morning commute, or shopping for a new iPhone, we rely on the internet and the instantaneous access to information it brings us. Our daily routine is so structured by the internet that we scarcely stop to remember (those of us who can!) what life was like before the world wide web.

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