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Machine to Machine (M2M) and why it matters

In the interest of the rise of Internet of Things and the hype that has surrounded it over the past year, we thought it’d make sense to address a subsidiary of IoT, which many have heard about but few may understand: M2M, or machine to machine communications.     M2M, according to Wiki, “refers to… Read the full post

5 tips to notch up your website performance

The goal of any website is to get your brand in front of as many online visitors as possible and to turn those visitors into regular customers. This really encompasses the heart of web performance. Sometimes, we think of performance solely in technical terms as optimizing images, caching, and adjusting style sheets. These are elements… Read the full post

What’s on the Cyber-security radar for 2015

If anything, 2014 was a wake-up call about the growing dangers of cyber-crime and hacking. Last year at this time Target got hit with what was then the biggest retail hack in U.S. history, until this past fall Home Depot succumbed to an epic attack that compromised 56 million credit cards. The Sony Pictures debacle… Read the full post

Ramping up your DevOps strategy for 2015 – part 2

As we discussed in the last part, DevOps is essentially a transformation in IT culture for the 21st century involving rapid service delivery through the adoption of agile, lean practices and which ultimately puts people over processes. So the obvious question to ask is this: “How is your organization leveraging DevOps today?” When it comes… Read the full post

Ramping up your DevOps strategy for 2015 – part 1

We’re living in exciting but demanding technological times. Big Data, Internet of Things, ubiquitous computing, smart machines, robotics, and wearables . . . things that were the talk of science fiction only a few short years ago are on every CIOs wish list today. And, oh, did we forget deliverables by drone in 30 minutes… Read the full post

Do relational databases have a future?

The Big Data explosion in recent years has created a number of new data storage and processing technologies. Platforms like NoSQL, Yarn, and Hadoop are now familiar terms within this growing ecosystem. In addition, we’re hearing a lot more alternative new ways of managing data through about graph databases and also triplestore databases, which are… Read the full post

Everything-as-a-Service and how it will change the way you do business

Over the past 5 years we’ve seen an amazing amount of growth of major disruptive technologies in mobile, information, collaboration, and cloud. Each area has spawned new and amazing capabilities that have transformed our lives, the way we communicate, how we consume our news and access information, and the way we work. The last major… Read the full post

What’s the latest scoop on Hadoop

The Big Data explosion in recent years has created a vast number of new technologies in the area of data processing, storage, and management. One of the biggest names to appear on the scene is Hadoop. In case you need a quick review, Hadoop is a Big Data storage system that takes in large amounts… Read the full post