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What will the future internet look like

Since its inception 25 years ago the internet has transformed all levels of business and society. Whether we’re at work, or on our morning commute, or shopping for a new iPhone 6, we rely on the internet and the instantaneous access to information it brings us. Our daily routine is so structured by the internet… Read the full post

How smart machines will change the future of business

What was considered science fiction a few years ago is fast becoming present day reality. Smartwatches, augmented reality glasses, virtual assistants that can understand speech . . . who would’ve thought? And now we are on the verge of driverless cars, which Nissan announced it will have on the roads by 2020. Not long ago… Read the full post

How to keep up with the latest tech trends

The pace of technological change today is unheard of – through the roof! The speed of the market and the industry-shaking innovations in cloud, mobile, and Big Data mean that business leaders need to do everything they can to keep up. It’s not so easy though. After all, the rules have all changed. Major enterprises… Read the full post

Top 5 ways to finance your startup

If you’ve ever tried a startup or are currently running one then you know the challenges and difficulties of obtaining funding. Getting a business loan can be next to impossible without collateral, or unless you’ve been in business for at least a year. Venture capital is very competitive as well, requiring extensive vetting. If funded,… Read the full post

How to grow your business with Twitter

Since its inception in 2006 Twitter has grown from a modest text message service for allowing users to quickly communicate with each other into a global social media phenomenon. The microblogging platform has over 500 million Tweets a day and 230 million active users. This vast Twittersphere is a ready-made and active forum where people… Read the full post

Cool collaboration technologies for the small business – part 2

As we discussed in Part 1 collaboration is a crucial element for any business to succeed. You can have all the shiny objects – the cool technology, the great architecture, the second-to-none leadership team – but unless you’re collaborating effectively the organization will not succeed in today’s competitive workforce. At the same time, just to… Read the full post

Cool collaboration technologies for the small business – part 1

In this age of continuous technological change businesses and their leaders need to be on top of their game when it comes to collaboration. Staying connected is vitally important on so many levels. From the standpoint of business productivity, customer satisfaction, and employee retention, it’s critical that your shop be in line with the latest… Read the full post

Best practices for the remote worker

The tremendous advances in mobile, cloud, and collaboration technologies that we’ve seen in just the past 5 years have altogether transformed how we live, the way we do business, and how we interact with others. One of the major outcomes of the 21st century digital age has been the growth of the remote worker. Not… Read the full post