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What to watch for in the Apple Watch

Its been a month since the announcement of the new Apple Watch. The buzz has died down a bit but prognosticators have been trying to forecast what to expect when sales start at the beginning of 2015. Will the device live up to all the hype? Will it be another iPhone? Smart watches have notably… Read the full post

Top 5 online coding bootcamps

The explosion in SMAC technologies (social, mobile, analytic, and cloud) in recent years has created unprecedented opportunities for those who can code. Indeed, programmers are the gatekeepers who are on the frontlines of the most momentous technological transformation in our history. Those who can code the mobile apps, the games, the automation software of our… Read the full post

Why your business needs a mobile marketing strategy

We’ve said it many times and will continue to say it: mobile is the future of business. Nearly 40% of internet time is now spent on mobile devices. This reality may be discomforting to some and invigorating to others. But no matter what side of the fence you’re on, the business you lead simply must… Read the full post

Spoiler alert: smartwatches and wearables are the next PCs

The announcement on September 9th of the much anticipated Apple Watch matched all the hype and then some. The complex, elegantly designed wearable device is part smart device, part health fitness monitoring system, and all next generation. Smart watches have had some difficulty in gaining market traction. Many have complained that the devices lack compelling… Read the full post

Keeping an eye on emerging & disruptive technology

In today’s ultra-fast-paced world technology has become the key differentiator for businesses to set themselves apart from the competition. Translated, this means that without first hand optics on the latest and greatest technologies and how they’re rapidly changing the marketplace and affecting the consumer, businesses will fall behind . . . guaranteed!     Business… Read the full post

10 best practices for small business innovation

“Innovate or die” is part of the new lingo in the digital marketplace of ideas and businesses today are buying it up like there’s no tomorrow! The urgency behind the innovation craze is furthered by the technological renaissance in recent years. Innovation was once the exclusive domain of enterprises with large R&D budgets. But those… Read the full post

Big Data – Getting the most out of predictive analytics

The Big Data revolution continues to transform all levels of business and society in ways almost unimaginable just a few short years ago. Indeed, the best word that comes to mind in describing this phenomenon is “epic.” Gartner best summarizes the latest trends as follows: “Big data creates a new layer in the economy which… Read the full post

Top 7 mobile apps for your small business

They say that “the future is Mobile and Mobile is the future.” This especially holds true in the world of business. When it comes to building and running a thriving small business in the 21st century, you have to be fast and agile – and do what others are not willing to do – in… Read the full post