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How to get started with Apple WatchKit

Since its announcement in September, Apple Watch has probably become one of the most highly anticipated tech gizmos in recent times, perhaps even more than the original iPhone. In the last 7 years or so we’ve seen why Apple is the global leader in technology innovation. The MacIntosh, iPod, and iPhone each revolutionized how people… Read the full post

Best 5 reasons why you should learn JavaScript

JavaScript has emerged in the past couple years as the de facto expression of next generation web technologies, and a critical component of HTML5 technologies – along with CSS and JQuery. JavaScript is really ubiquitous – it really is showing up everywhere! There are many other reasons why JavaScript and JS-based tools like JSON and… Read the full post

Is the mainframe dead?

When folks in IT mention the mainframe today, they often conjures up images of tall, bulky processors from the 1970s spinning round-real magnetic tapes or cartridges. In the same breath they’ll throw around terms like “old” and “outdated” and “legacy” to describe the system. Yes, the mainframe has been around for 50 years and has… Read the full post

How to make the most of predictive analytics

We’ve been talking quite a bit in recent months about the topic of Internet of Things, and for good reason. It’s a technology on everyone’s radar right now, and is forecast to impact all lines of business, every major industry, and transform society as we know it. Advances in IoT and ubiquitous computing will spawn… Read the full post

Why you need a BYOW strategy in 2015

Over the past several years we’ve all become well-accustomed to the BYOD model of technology implementation. Thanks to the “consumerization of IT” employees have started to call the shots by bringing their own smartphones and tablets and personal devices to work. BYOD has become pervasive, notwithstanding a lot of new headaches for enterprises to finally… Read the full post

How to keep your small business running lean and agile

Business ownership has many obvious benefits: the opportunity to turn something you’re passionate about into a reality, the chance to change the world, the freedom of becoming your own boss . . . to name just a few. But the truth of the matter is that kicking off a new business venture takes tons of… Read the full post

Are you ready for the digital workforce?

We hear a lot today about the emergence of the “digital workforce” or “digital workplace” and it’s importance for the future of business. What exactly is the DW and what does it mean for your organization? One credible resource has described the phenomenon this way: “It is part of a new way of working that… Read the full post

Top disruptive technologies to watch in 2015 – part 2

As we saw in yesterday’s post, the break-neck speed of technology transformation is giving everyone a run for their money. Stuff that we only dreamed about a few short years ago is now at our doorsteps. Smartphones that talk back to you, automated warehouses, robotic drones, and more. Technology is a key differentiator today that… Read the full post