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Get ready for the “Internet of Things” – part 2

internet of things 2The Internet of Things is a fast moving epic transformation that, like earlier iterations of the internet, is redefining how information is created, disseminated, and consumed. Uniquely, though, IoT is projected to be even bigger than what has gone before, with some estimating it to be worth $19 trillion in the next decade. The development of a connected web of people to everyday physical objects, along with machine to machine communications, represents a scenario considered science fiction just a few years ago. Researchers predict that by 2020 over 30 billion objects will wirelessly be connected to the internet. As the world becomes increasingly connected, and the distinctions between real and digital worlds become blurred, technologists and business leaders will do well to understand the implications that these emerging and disruptive trends will have at the organizational level. Read more…

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Get ready for the “Internet of Things” – part 1

internet of thingsThe internet has been around for the last twenty years and it has truly revolutionized all aspects of life as we know it. Whether we’re at work, or on our morning commute, or shopping for a new iPhone, we rely on the internet and the instantaneous access to information it brings us. Our daily routine is so structured by the internet that we scarcely stop to remember (those of us who can!) what life was like before the world wide web.

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Windows XP Support Ends Today – 5 Steps to Safety

xp 2For weeks the news of the impending demise of Windows XP has been floating around. The early scare stories saying how the end of support for this loved Microsoft product would leave everyone exposed to an epidemic of virus and no standard support fixes seemed to be a sly strategy to get the huge community of users to quickly upgrade. Even we ran an article back on January 16 about how Microsoft was ending Windows XP support but not the anti-virus protection. Well the long awaited date has arrived and it is probably wise to make sure you follow some steps to put you in the best position if you have decided to keep the system you love. Read more…

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Microsoft Windows – Start Returns

windowsOn Wednesday, April 2, Microsoft announced during the Annual Build Developers Conference in California that it is responding to ongoing customer feedback and will be bringing back the Start menu everyone had gotten used to. That is the good news. The “undefined” news is when this return to the past will actually be available. The Start menu that Microsoft debuted on Wednesday looked very much like the one found in Windows 7. When the Start button is clicked, users got access to the applications installed on the computer as well as allowing quick access to user interface applications. The older versions of the start menu were what a generation of PC users grew up on (sample below) and when they lost it with the release of Windows 8, there was a reaction somewhere between disgruntled and a mild tech revolution.


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Making Innovation central to your small business – part 5

innovation 5Small businesses have an advantage over large enterprises when it comes to innovation precisely because they’re not strapped down by big, legacy systems and excessive processes, policies, and protocols.  Innovation thrives on flexible, agile, and open environments that provide people with the room to explore new ideas and concepts. Keeping your team small and agile, while also allocating decision-making to as few as possible are two points that will go a long ways towards promoting and improving the innovation culture within your organization. Let’s unpack these points further below. Read more…

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