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Vote for your favorite HTML Performance Tips

Today we are announcing the start of our second poll on the Monitor.Us blog.  Our previous poll was two weeks ago and was on Loading and Rendering tips. This new poll is focused on HTML performance tips.  We are asking that you vote for performance tips you find most useful.
In our quest for faster websites, we constantly stumble upon different website performance tuning tips.  While some tips are extremely useful, others are rubbish.  Hence, we are asking you to take part in our poll and help us figure out what are the most useful HTML performance tips.
We want to cover this topic in-depth, so we are grateful for your participation. For this purpose we run a weekly round-up of  HTML/JavaScript performance tips.

With this poll we aim to collect your ideas about  HTML performance best practices and to ultimately come up with a definitive guide to website performance.

So we are asking you to submit your own ideas and tips on HTML performance in the comments section below.

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