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disruptive technology 3

Top disruptive technologies to watch in 2014 – part 3

A technology that is disruptive is one that “creates a new market by applying a different set of values, which ultimately (and unexpectedly) overtakes an existing market.” We’ve all seen examples of this in history and in our own time. Take for example email, which reduced the time to send a message to a matter… Read the full post


Yahoo, linkedin, Gmail – How Secure are They and You?

Internet security is something 99% of the public pretty much take for granted. We may be a little cautious when doing online banking or when we are buying online and need to enter our credit card information, but overall we are way to lax in the way we behave in this regard.  And as we… Read the full post

Empty Src and Href Attributes

Website Performance: Taxonomy of Tips intro­duced a clas­si­fi­ca­tion scheme to help us or­ga­nize the many per­for­mance tips found on the In­ter­net.  Since Yahoo’s five most highly-weighted tips fall in­to the jour­ney from the ser­ver to the cli­entca­te­go­ry, we might ex­pect this ca­te­go­ry to of­fer the best im­prove­ment in web ap­pli­ca­tion per­for­mance.  This and my next… Read the full post

Website Performance: Taxonomy of Tips

Google/Yahoo Best Practices point­ed out that Google and Yahoo cre­ated lists of best prac­tices for web­site per­for­mance.  Google and Yahoo are not alone.  A recent web search for “per­for­mance tips for web app­li­ca­tions”got over 30 million hits.It may be use­ful to break this topic down into sub­topics.  We could then clas­si­fy tips accor­ding to sub­topic,… Read the full post

Google/Yahoo Best Practices

Like it or not, your end-users will judge your website.  If, in their judgment, it is perceived to be slow, that judgment will partly determine how often they return.  It will also affect their friends’ decisions insomuch as user experiences are shared.  That’s why monitoring the user experienceis so important.Now on to the next step. … Read the full post