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Top 5 thing to know about web performance

Research shows a clear relationship between web load speed and customer conversions. The faster a page loads the more likely customers will be to visit and do business on your site. The inverse is also true. The slower a page the less likely customers will be willing to wait around and engage with your brand.… Read the full post

How fast is your website?

In this age of instant updates, same-day delivery, and otherwise high customer service expectations, site visitors simply are not going to wait very long for your website to download. Web performance and download speeds are a growing science and research shows that milliseconds can make a real difference in customer behavior and getting those sales… Read the full post

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Top 7 ways to make your website faster

In today’s fast-paced world having a website that loads quickly and doesn’t keep your customers counting the seconds is critical to business success. As the old adage goes, “time is money” and the extra few moments that your visitors spend waiting for images, fonts, and scripts to load up can be a deal-breaker. This is… Read the full post

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How to optimize your website for Semantic Search – Part 2

The introduction in Part 1 of this article was necessary for your understanding of this topic, and will have helped you realize the importance of semantic search in the grand scheme of things. Now, the question is, how to optimize your existing website for being ahead of the game in today’s semantic search era.

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How to optimize your website for Semantic Search – Part 1

“Semantic search” is perhaps the one of biggest buzzwords in technology right now. It is defined as the technology that understands the user’s intent and delivers search results on a contextual basis. A good example of a modern semantic search engine is Google’s Knowledge Graph.   Prior to this, results were solely based on text… Read the full post

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5 Things to Keep in mind when optimizing website performance

Website performance optimization is the process of increasing the speed at which web pages are downloaded and displayed on a user’s web browser. As you will read on, you will see that website performance is of paramount importance in the Internet industry today.


Website Monitoring Equals Revenue Protection

It is summer time and thoughts naturally turn to dreams of your upcoming vacation. Going to the beach and laying on the sand after frolicking in the waves. Or maybe a trip to the mountains for some quiet and peaceful fishing. You have been working hard all year and deserve the rest, the break from… Read the full post


Cross-Browser Compatibility Tips (part 2)

In Part 1 of the Coding for different browsers series, we looked at the various techniques you could incorporate in your workflow to make your site cross browser compatible. Today, we go a step further and discuss the latest technologies you can use to help you improve the user experience of your site. We are going to… Read the full post