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Javascript performance tips

10 JavaScript performance tips

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Every week we cover JavaScript performance tips in our blog and this particular blog post is also dedicated to JavaScript performance. We’ve collected top 10 JavaScript performance tips that will improve your website’s performance. 1. Download Faster With A Few Adjustments When web pages have high amounts of varying content, it can cause pages significant lag… Read the full post


ASP.NET Performance Tips

In this article you can find some easy steps you can follow to maximize the performance of your ASP.NET applications. 1. Use caching. When multiple users request the same content from your page, your server can respond with a cached copy of that content. This way, only the first user will have to wait for… Read the full post

Monitis adds a monitoring node in Canada

  MONTREAL, July 22, 2011– Monitis, the award-winning provider of the world’s first all-in-one cloud-based service that combines web site uptime, server and application monitoring, today announced the deployment of a new monitoring node in Canada. This will provide companies whose business relies on the Web, a complete and accurate performance picture from the perspective of… Read the full post

30 Tips to Optimize HTML/CSS/Images for Smooth Web Experience

Do you want your customers and/or employees to have a speedy, no-hassle end-user experience when they use your website or server, respectively? Of course you do – because an unsatisfied end-user means lost business – as in the case of a customer – or a really annoyed employee – as in the case of a… Read the full post

30 JavaScript optimization tips – Presentation

30 JavaScript optimization tips View more presentations from Hovhannes Avoyan

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