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Website Performance: Server to Client Wrap-up

Website Performance: Taxonomy of Tips intro­duced a clas­si­fi­ca­tion scheme to help us or­ga­nize the many per­for­mance tips found on the In­ter­net.  In Emp­ty Src and Href At­tri­butes, Com­po­nent Caching, and Image Processing for Performance, we ex­a­mined tips that af­fect the “jour­ney from the ser­ver to the cli­ent.”  We wrap up this dis­cus­sion today by sum­ma­riz­ing a few other tips that fall in­to this ca­te­go­ry.There are se­ve­ral good tips that af­fect round trip time, but do not fit in­to the “response’s jour­ney from the ser­ver to the cli­ent” ca­te­go­ry.  They can be found in the “request’s jour­ney from the cli­ent to the ser­ver” or “syn­chro­ni­ci­ty” ca­te­gor­ies. Read more…
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