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Why cloud based monitoring is the way to go

It would be an understatement to say that cloud computing has revolutionized IT. In terms of costs, scalability, and performance – cloud solutions have been the impetus for bringing traditional infrastructures into the digital age. Aside from all the advantages of the “as a service” delivery model, businesses over the past several years also have… Read the full post

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5 Things to Keep in mind when optimizing website performance

Website performance optimization is the process of increasing the speed at which web pages are downloaded and displayed on a user’s web browser. As you will read on, you will see that website performance is of paramount importance in the Internet industry today.

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Dependence on Vendors

Every tool we use on our websites makes us dependent on the creator and supplier of that tool. Examples: If our website uses HTML/CSS, we are dependent on the World-Wide Web Consortium. If our website uses PHP, we are dependent on The PHP Group. If our website uses Red Hat Linux, we are dependent on… Read the full post

Monitoring With Jiffy-Web & Monitis

If you’ve discovered the convenience of Jiffy-Web, you may be pleased to know that it fully integrates with Monitis cloud-based monitoring. Jiffy-Web? What’s That? According to its project home page, “Jiffy is an end-to-end real-world web page instrumentation and measurement suite.” That means it can measure how long it takes to execute any block of… Read the full post


BerkeleyDB Monitoring with Monitis Custom Monitors

In a previous post we discussed how to improve the performance of BerkeleyDB by tuning the cache size. Let’s see how Monitis can help you keep tabs on the cache hit rate and other critical database metrics. We use a custom monitor created by a perl script, monitor_bdb.pl, which can be downloaded from our repository on… Read the full post

Monitis adds a monitoring node in Canada

  MONTREAL, July 22, 2011– Monitis, the award-winning provider of the world’s first all-in-one cloud-based service that combines web site uptime, server and application monitoring, today announced the deployment of a new monitoring node in Canada. This will provide companies whose business relies on the Web, a complete and accurate performance picture from the perspective of… Read the full post


Make Sure Your Site is Ready for the Holidays

I was shopping online the other day, and I wanted to buy some boots from a famous western boot manufacturer. They’ve been around forever. My shopping experience went fine until I decided to check out the location of the closest store to my house. On one page, it asked me to enter my zip code,… Read the full post

SOAP Testing: Two Months and Counting

Doing a little bragging here, but I’m a very proud father. It’s been two months now since my company, Monitis, Inc., launched the first cloud-based SOAP testing service available for on-demand Web services and applications load testing. No, we’re not testing Dove, Ivory or Dial. SOAP in this case stands for Simple Object Access Protocol,… Read the full post