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How to get started with Linux

For those who have grown accustomed to a Windows environment over the years, Linux can seem like another world. In essence, Linux is a free open-source operating system that has gained increasing popularity since its release in 1991. Linux is based on the whole Unix ecosystem of operating systems that grew out of Bell Laboratories… Read the full post


Key Linux Performance Metrics

Much has been written about how to set up different monitoring tools to look after the health of your Linux servers. This article attempts to present a concise overview of the most important metrics available on Linux and the associated tools. CPU utilization CPU usage is usually the first place we look when a server… Read the full post


An Overview of BerkeleyDB

NoSQL databases have generated a lot of buzz in recent years, but in this installment we will take a look at a NoSQL database which seems to have been around forever. BerkeleyDB – the grand-daddy of NoSQL databases – started out as a project at UC Berkeley aimed at providing a simple but powerful database… Read the full post

Linux: Secure as a brick

People who are familiar with me know that there are two things I’m not forgiving about. The first is backups, the second is security. If backups interest you, perhaps we can discuss it some other time. This time we’re going to discuss security. I’m going to outline in the following article some of the best… Read the full post

IDC Predicts Bright Future for Linux

Market intelligence firm IDC has said that global revenue from Linux operating systems has grown 23.4% from 2007 to 2008. They also believe it will continue to grow at a compound growth rate of 16.9% through 2013. Following this double digit growth rate, revenue from Linux operating system software will cross the $1 billion dollar… Read the full post