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Don’t get stuck in the HTML5 vs. Native rut

The world of mobile has been a fast-moving target, fueled by lightning speed transformations that have left IT veterans shaking their head. PC sales have plummeted in recent years, and are expected to continue to decline 6.6% in 2014, while tablet sales, for instance, will rise 38.6%. The total number of smartphones in use globally… Read the full post

What’s new in web design – part 2

In the last segment we introduced some of the latest styles and techniques that are trending in the world of web design. These are features that some of you may see every day as you surf the web and yet didn’t necessarily know the names for. Parallax scrolling is a great way to present your… Read the full post

What’s new in web design – part 1

Advances in web technologies, and especially HTML5, have created a range of new options today for web designers. We’re starting to see more and more of the effects show up in the webpages that we visit. Users may not always know what these techniques are called but they recognize something trendy when they see it.… Read the full post

Why everyone should learn JavaScript

Computer code and script have really become the “lingua franca” of the digital era. All the mobile devices, applications, games, websites that we spend so much time engaging with in our digital lives – all of these technologies rely on code to make them run. Having skills and “fluency” in the new language of code… Read the full post


Is your business leveraging the mobile web? – part 2

In our opening segment on this series we came away with the message that mobile is so prevalent today that we really must shift our paradigm. No longer must we ask ourselves, “How does mobile fit into my business strategy?” No, that’s the wrong approach. Instead, we have to ask, “Is mobile intrinsic my business… Read the full post

What’s new in JavaScript?

JavaScript has emerged in the past couple years as the de facto expression of next generation web technologies, and a critical component of HTML5 technologies – along with CSS and JQuery. The stakes have been high. The well-known and rather tired debate in recent years over who owns the future of web and mobile development… Read the full post


Mobile Application Development Platforms (MADPs) – Part 3

In Part 2 of this series we kicked off a discussion on the PhoneGap environment and how it uses the UIWebview (or Webview) environment to communicate with the Native code of the device through a set of JavaScript calls. Understanding how this web to native abstraction works helps us to better appreciate the main value… Read the full post


Mobile Application Development Platforms (MADPs) – Part 2

To keep up with the enormous influence and demand of mobile technologies, business leaders today need tools that can create quick and agile applications at the speed of the market. Mobile Application Development Platforms, otherwise known as MADPs, provide this value by offering the capabilities of “write once, run everywhere.” The ability to deploy applications… Read the full post