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This Week in Client-Side Performance

It’s Monday again and it’s time for our “Website  performance” weekly feature on the Monitor.Us blog. Each week we present you handpicked links on different aspects of website performance. This issue of our weekly mostly covers topics related to JavaScript Performance issues, however not limiting by just that.


Vote Now for Your Favorite Client-side Web Performance Tips

Over the last few months, Warren Gaebel listed, summarized, and discussed hundreds of website performance tips on The Monitor.Us blog. The tips were taken from many, many web pages. In most cases, they are believed to be true, but in general they remain mostly untested.Some tips are very effective. Others, though valid, have minimal impact.… Read the full post

Javascript performance tips

This Week in JavaScript Performance

This Week in JavaScript Performance summarizes recent web postings related to JavaScript performance. Watch for it on the Monitor.Us blog at the beginning of each week. Mozilla and Google blast IE-only Windows on ARM Author: Gavin Clarke.   Publisher: The Register. This article discusses Mozilla’s and Google’s reaction to the news that their browsers will not… Read the full post

Javascript performance tips

Compiling JavaScript for performance

As the reader already knows, computers don’t speak JavaScript. They speak their own language (machine code). Sadly, there is not just one machine language; there are several, and they are subject to change.In order to run a JavaScript program, the program must be translated into the client machine’s machine code. No matter how much we… Read the full post

top 10 javascript tuning tools

Top 10 Javascript Productivity tools

JavaScript tuning tools help to reduce the amount of time required to find leaks, tweak performance and monitor Java Virtual Machines. Developers who want to decrease their time troubleshooting can benefit from the advanced heuristics and simple graphical interfaces that display essential data. Tools greatly help to reduce the amount of time manually searching through… Read the full post