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Is your business leveraging the mobile web? – part 4

In response to the question posed in the title of this series, we’ve been advancing several key points so far. First, we’ve said that the predominance of mobile today – increased mobile sales, more internet searches done on mobile device, more consumers shopping globally with mobile – requires businesses to embrace a paradigm shift towards… Read the full post

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Essential Startup Marketing Tools (part 2)

List of 20 must-use marketing tools for every startup Startup marketing isn’t an easy job and it’s quite different from marketing for established and big businesses. Startups have limited resources: time, money, and people. Often, because of cost optimization, startups have to market their business by using free marketing tools – or they won’t have… Read the full post


Practical guide for Facebook ads: Managing and Monitoring

The last, but not least important step of a Facebook ad campaign Maybe the best, and the worst, thing about online advertising are the dynamics. If you use it to improve your advertising, you’ll get great results on a shoe-string budget – but if you can’t get a handle on it, and you don’t have… Read the full post


Do not overpay for Facebook ads: practical guide for Facebook ads, Part 4

Choose CPC model and lower bid Designing your Facebook ad is not an easy job (if you want it to be effective), but the real tricky thing is pricing. In the end, you want to achieve good results with the minimum budget, right? So determining your ads budget and CPM or CPC is as important as… Read the full post


Practical guide for Facebook ads, Part 3: design and targeting

After you’ve  defined your choice of  Facebook ads or Sponsored Stories, the next step is to actually create them. Let’s see how you can design and target the ads. 1st step: Landing page Creating a great Facebook ad campaign will be a waste of time and money if your landing page is bad. Don’t forget the main… Read the full post


Practical guide for Facebook ads, Part 2: Choosing between Facebook ads and Sponsored stories

This is the second part of the “Practical guide for Facebook ads”. Read the first part of the series on how to create and manage a facebook ads account. The choice depends on the fan base you have on your page and the aim of the ad campaign Facebook gives you a great opportunity to… Read the full post


Practical guide for Facebook ads, Part 1: Creating and managing Facebook Ads Account

What do I need to start a Facebook ads campaign? You’ve decided to invest in a Facebook ads campaign, but you’re not really sure about the effectiveness of it. In fact, it depends on the way that you’ve created the ad, the ad type and the way that you manage the ads during the campaign.… Read the full post


Shoestring budget: Facebook Ads vs. Google AdWords

Which one you should choose for your business – or is this a necessary choice at all? You’re running a small business and you want to benefit from the hot topic in the last few years –targeted online advertising. But you’re confused about which instrument you should use so that you achieve the most efficiency… Read the full post