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What we often call the “consumerization of IT” (itself a product of major growth in mobile and cloud technologies) has led to the rapid infusion of BYOD across enterprises over the past several years. The upshot is that how we do business is completely different today than a mere 5 years ago; work now is… Read the full post

Big Data, Internet of Things, Mobile & Cloud: What every business needs to know – part 2

In yesterday’s post we spoke to the importance of Big Data, Internet of Things, mobile, and cloud as the heavy-lifters in today’s digital technologies marketplace. Each capability is providing unheard of new opportunities for innovation and creativity. The commoditization of these technologies also have made them readily available to small businesses and startups alike. As… Read the full post

Big Data, Internet of Things, Mobile & Cloud: What every business needs to know – part 1

Perhaps you’ve heard of the word “convergence” in regards to today’s digital technologies. Convergence describes the correlation and alignment of key capabilities in the areas of Big Data, Internet of Things, mobile, and cloud to provide more powerful solutions than each technology can provide by itself. This transformation, in turn, helps to drive all kinds… Read the full post

Database-as-a-Service and why it matters

We’ve all become well familiar with the major iterations of the “as a service” cloud computing model over the past 5 years (PaaS, SaasS, IaaS), and seen the transformative ways that cloud has changed IT. In fact, every time you turn around it seems like there’s another new ‘as a service.’ There’s now Analytics as… Read the full post

7 ways to get your small business into the cloud

According to a recent study, the real value of cloud services for SMBs is access to services that were once only available to enterprises – and for a faction of the cost: “Cloud computing can help level the playing field for smaller firms. It allows them to access sophisticated IT services that were previously out… Read the full post

Why your business will go to the cloud

We’ve seen some momentous changes over the past 5 years as the cloud has spawned a revolution within IT that has spread to every part of the business. Today, organizations are lining up to migrate their applications and services to the cloud as fast as possible to save operating costs and improve efficiencies. Based on… Read the full post

Best practices for keeping your personal data secure in the cloud

If you recall it wasn’t too many years ago that the idea of putting personal data into a cloud would have made most consumers and not a few IT professionals shudder. What about security? What if the cloud gets hacked? What about privacy and if someone else sees my personal data? But that was then,… Read the full post

7 ways to get started with Big Data in the Cloud

Over the past 5 years we’ve seen an amazing amount of growth of major disruptive technologies in mobile, information, collaboration, and cloud. Each area has spawned new and amazing capabilities that have transformed our lives, the way we communicate, how we consume our news and access information, and the way we work. The trade-off of… Read the full post

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