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Why cloud based monitoring is the way to go

It would be an understatement to say that cloud computing has revolutionized IT. In terms of costs, scalability, and performance – cloud solutions have been the impetus for bringing traditional infrastructures into the digital age. Aside from all the advantages of the “as a service” delivery model, businesses over the past several years also have… Read the full post

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5 most important things to know about Big Data

Big Data is huge and it’s only getting bigger. It’s to the point now where as one writer says we might eventually run out of adjectives to describe this technological revolution – “big data,” “bigger data,” “even bigger data,” and “biggest data.” Indeed, Big Data is on every business leaders’ mind today. Data is now… Read the full post

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Emerging Technology Trends for the CIO & CTO – Part 4

So far we’ve discussed the first two components of the Nexus of Forces – Social and Information – as critical emerging technologies that business technology leaders absolutely need in their strategies arsenal to drive business revenue. Let’s move forward to learn how Cloud Computing is providing the promise of ubiquitous access to information, products, and… Read the full post

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Emerging Technology Trends for the CIO & CTO – Part 2

Gartner’s Nexus of Forces offers a compelling framework for understanding the total integration and interaction between various key emerging technologies. As defined, “The nexus of forces describes the convergence and mutual reinforcement of four interdependent trends: social interaction, mobility, cloud, and information. The forces combine to empower individuals as they interact with each other and… Read the full post

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7 Big Trends in Information Technology

  The world of technology is a continually and rapidly advancing field and the IT professional must stay on their toes if they hope to keep pace with all these changes. Just when it seems like technology cannot possible advance any faster, it seems to do just that. The year 2013 has seen a wealth… Read the full post

Public Cloud Highway - all aboard!

SMB’s Hop on the Cloud

Small and medium businesses have always been challenged with competing with the large enterprises in more ways than just market share. If they had a need for either advanced computing or manipulating and using large amounts of data then they were faced with the fact they were going to have to spend significant amounts of… Read the full post


Benefits of the Cloud. What can it do for your Business?

When we last left The Cloud, our strange visitor from another planet, we learned that he has always been there, behind the scenes.  But recently he has taken off his disguise and is really coming forward to the aid of people, businesses and corporations all over the world. But just what are The Cloud’s superpowers?


Guide to Choosing Cloud Hosting (Part 2)

This week’s Start-Up league post is dedicated to choosing the best cloud hosting platform. We recently covered three cloud hosting providers in the first slideshow and now we are proceeding to the second part. This time we’ll take a look at VPS.Net and Cloudlayer.