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How fast is your website?

In this age of instant updates, same-day delivery, and otherwise high customer service expectations, site visitors simply are not going to wait very long for your website to download. Web performance and download speeds are a growing science and research shows that milliseconds can make a real difference in customer behavior and getting those sales… Read the full post

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Top 7 ways to make your website faster

In today’s fast-paced world having a website that loads quickly and doesn’t keep your customers counting the seconds is critical to business success. As the old adage goes, “time is money” and the extra few moments that your visitors spend waiting for images, fonts, and scripts to load up can be a deal-breaker. This is… Read the full post


The Chronology of a Click, Part XV

Whew! That was a long series. But we’re finally at the end. Let’s wrap up with the top ten things to consider when our thoughts turn to website performance. These are our top ten best practices.There are many performance tips out there, but performance may be affected more by how the development team thinks about… Read the full post


The Chronology of a Click, Part IX

At the end of Part VIII the user’s request had been served, but had only made it to the bottom of the protocol stack in the server machine. This part describes the next step, the journey through the Internet from the server machine to the client machine.Part III described this journey in the opposite direction.… Read the full post


The Chronology of a Click, Part VIII

We’ve reached a milestone in this series. When the user clicked on that link way back at the beginning, it was a request for a web page. Parts II through VII saw the request being transported to the server and the server finding or building the web page (the response). Now, after all that, the… Read the full post


This Week in Website Performance

This Week in Website Performance is a weekly feature of the Monitor.Us blog. It summarizes recent articles about website performance. Why? Because your friends at Monitor.Us care. Essential Server Performance Metrics you should know, but were reluctant to ask Author: zhirayr. There are a great many important metrics that allow you to evaluate the health… Read the full post


The Chronology of a Click, Part III

This article details what happens after a user clicks on a link in a web page. It is presented chronologically, but interspersed with website performance tips that relate to the topic under consideration at that time. It is presented in multiple parts:   Part I – an overview of the entire process from beginning to… Read the full post


The Chronology of a Click, Part I

A user clicks on a link in a web page. Then he waits. Nothing seems to be happening, but he faithfully waits anyhow. Eventually the browser’s viewport goes blank. There’s nothing there but the white screen of death. Again he waits. Our hero is so-o-o patient. Eventually something appears – perhaps a header, perhaps an… Read the full post