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Famous Predictions That Have Not Happened in 2013

timetravelMan has always had a deep infatuation with the future, and longed to be able to predict it. Some claim to be able to do so by supernatural means. Others simply use a mixture of science and common sense to determine what they think the future will be like. Many derive their predictions from SciFi movies and books. Either way, there are sure to be many predictions which never come true. Here, in the year 2013, let’s take a look at a few of the top failed predictions as shared in ‘Learning Mind‘.


Interworld or Intergalactic Government

Although we may be a lot closer than comfortable to a one world-government, so far the intergalactic and worldwide governing offices which are often portrayed in SciFi stories simply does not exist yet. Movies such as ‘Star Trek’ show large fleets of space ships and militias with laser guns that fight to preserve the greater good of all lifeforms. In these portrayals, the men (or beings) in charge put aside their own personal ambitions to strive for a better community. So far, there is no “Federation” to save us from ourselves…and the evil of the cosmos.


Flying Automobiles

I am sure we all remember the cartoon series known as “The Jetsons.” One of the first things I noticed as a child from this show, and movies such as “The Fifth Element,” was that there would apparently be flying cars in my future. Being able to fly up the outside walls of buildings and not being constricted to roads seemed such a great idea. But yet, here I am, all grown up; I have had my driver’s license for many years now, but still no flying car.


Time Travel

The thought of being able to travel through time has been a daydream of men for as long as there was time. Perhaps because we all long to be able to go back in time and correct some wrong we feel that we have (or others have) done. Ironically, in many “Back to the Future” themed movies, the cardinal rule is that you are not allowed to change the past. Others may wish to travel into the future. (maybe to actually see a flying car?) Although many men have claimed to have found a way to travel through time, so far no one has offered proof that we can do so.


Cyborg Takeover

Whether it be a huge computer which attempts to take over the world, or individual cyborgs which try to destroy man, many of our SciFi stories include robots which fight to take over our planet. Thankfully, these renegade cyborgs, like the ones in ‘Terminator’ do not yet exist…and hopefully never will.


Those are just a few of the predictions of science and tech which have yet to be created. While some of these may one day contribute to the better good of mankind, others would likely be a catastrophe. With that in mind, maybe, just maybe, we should watch what we wish for, and be grateful for what we have.



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