Guide to Choosing Cloud Hosting (Part 2)
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Everything about Web and Network Monitoring

Guide to Choosing Cloud Hosting (Part 2)

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This week’s Start-Up league post is dedicated to choosing the best cloud hosting platform. We recently covered three cloud hosting providers in the first slideshow and now we are proceeding to the second part.

This time we’ll take a look at VPS.Net and Cloudlayer.


Cloud Hosting Can Accommodate Any Size Website

Cloud hosting providers have options that can fit into any website or businesses budget. The pay-as-you-go model offers cost flexibility and most providers offer a discount for a monthly fee.
When building a new website or application, cloud hosting allows resources to be scaled up to accommodate traffic. This ensures that there is no downtime and that users can still access the site.
This is a very practical way for businesses to start out because they do not need to buy any expensive hardware. All they have to do is spin up a server and scale it to match their needs. It is that simple.

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