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This Week in Website Performance

website-performance-weekly-monitorusThis Week in Wbesite Performance is a weekly feature on the Monitor.Us blog. It summarizes recent web postings about website  performance. 
We are currently running a poll on our blog about website performance tips. We’d like to ask you to take 3 minutes and take part in our poll here. 

Consumers dump slow websites

Author: Marcus Austin.   Publisher: TechRadar.This article comments on recent research that says Brits spend two days a year waiting for slow websites. It presents a couple of other statistics, then reminds us that Google rankings are now affected by our web page’s speed.

Big List Of 20 Common Bottlenecks

Author: Todd Hoff.   Publisher: High Scalability.Contrary to the title, this article lists 50 common performance issues, classified into database, virtualisation, programming, disk, operating system, caching, CPU, network, process, and memory categories. It doesn’t go into detail nor provide solutions.

Too Chunky: Performance and HTTP Chunked Encoding

Author: Billy Hoffman.   Publisher: Zoompf.This article compares store-and-forward vs. chunked encoding. It finds that a large number of small chunks performs poorly. The author’s solution is to write his own output buffering.

Improved Prediction for Web Server Delay Control

Authors: Dan Henriksson, Ying Lu, & Tarek Abdelzaher.   Publisher: University of Nebraska-Lincoln.This academic paper defines a new feed-forward predictor for web server delay control. It may be a peek into the future of web server performance.Currently we are running a poll on our blog about website performance tips, and we would like to ask you to take part in that short  poll.

Benchmarking single-row insert performance on Amazon EC2

Author: Ovais Tariq.   Publisher: MySql Performance Blog.This article measures inserts per second with and without a secondary index. It also shows the impact of the size of the dataset.

Performance Considerations

Publisher: recently updated manual page tells us about the differences between PHP 5.2 and 5.3 with respect to garbage collection and memory usage (with zend.enable_gc on vs. off and -DGC_BENCH on vs. off).

More PHP Performance Testing

Author: Warren Gaebel.   Publisher: Monitor.Us.This article investigates the performance tip that says to use echo without concatenation rather than print with concatenation.

A type system for regular expressions

Authors: Eric Spishak, Werner Dietl, & Michael D. Ernst.   Publisher: University of Washington.This academic paper defines a verification tool for regular expression syntax. New type systems can be created easily and succinctly. The implementation is publicly available.
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